Fire Service Career Preparation

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Fire Gear trainingBecoming a Firefighter often takes a great deal of long-term preparation, self motivation, and commitment.  While there is no guarantee that any of the following activities will result in your selection as an entry-level Firefighter, experience has shown that participation in these types of activities has tended to distinguish outstanding candidates and documents an applicant's interest in the position.




  1. Education and Training
    1. Fire aid courses
      1. Advanced Fire Aid Certificate
      2. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
    2. Fire service related courses
      1. Basic English grammar and reading comprehension
      2. Basic math
      3. Emergency Medical Technician I Certification
      4. Certified Paramedic
    3. Fire service technology courses
      1. Fire Science AA Degree
      2. Physical agility training
      3. Firefighter academy
  2. Physical Fitness
    1. Have and maintain a physical fitness program.  While no one course of physical fitness will suit every individual, a regimen that stresses endurance and total body strength can assist in developing a level of physical preparedness that is needed to succeed in physical agility performance testing.
  3. Community Involvement
    1. Volunteer fire service work
      1. Reserve programs
      2. Auxiliary programs
      3. Office of Emergency Services
      4. California Conservation Corps
    2. Volunteer community services
      1. Community Organizations
      2. Scout troop - Explorer programs
      3. Hospitals
      4. Schools
      5. Synagogue/Mosque/Temple/Church programs
    Other important Activities

    Visit Fire Stations - this is an excellent opportunity for interested individuals to talk to personnel and discuss the pros and the cons of the profession and determine whether or not the day-to-day routine(s) match your own skills and interests.

 Develop a resume to include all Fire Service related information so it is easily available when the application period opens.