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Community Service

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 Montclair to College defines community service as volunteer service at a non-profit organization, beyond the traditional classroom, that fosters civic or social responsibility for the benefit of the community that is neither paid for, graded, or punitive.

  • MTC encourages students to complete more than the requirement of 5 community service hours annually; however, hours beyond the requirement cannot be carried over to the next school year.
  • Students are encouraged to complete their community service and submit the service form online prior to the March 5 deadline. No hard copies will be accepted.

 Community Service Requirements 

 The information below is not intended to be an exhaustive list of what is acceptable or unacceptable community service. If you are unsure if the service you would like to complete is acceptable, prior to completing the community service, you are encouraged to contact Quaresha Fields,

The Community Service Requirements include:

  • 5 community service hours each school year
  • Must be at a non-profit organization (501c3)
  • Must be under the supervision of an adult who is not related to the student
  • Students may volunteer for more than one organization; however, only one form will be accepted per student per school year.
  • Service must be outside of regular school hours
  • Students are encouraged to serve in areas related to their personal interests

For community service opportunities at the City of Montclair, contact Quaresha Fields at the Montclair Youth Center or

 Community Service Form Requirements

  • Community Service forms can be downloaded on the MTC Enrollment Portal
  • Completed forms must be submitted to the MTC Enrollment portal by March 5
  • Completed forms must be submitted within one month of the date of service and not after March 5th of each school year
  • Hours earned over summer may be submitted for the following school year but no later than November 30, 2019

Examples of community service at non-profits that meet MTC requirements:

  • Volunteering at the Montclair Community Garden or Fruit Park
  • Assisting at community events such as the Halloween Party & Tree Lighting
  • Tutor middle or elementary school students
  • Give music lessons
  • Teach computer classes or social media classes for senior citizens
  • Get involved in a civic cause, volunteer with local government offices