LETTER TO THE MONTCLAIR COMMUNITY FROM THE OFFICE OF THE MAYOR, GINGER EATON

MTC Scholarship Appeal

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If you are currently enrolled in Montclair to College but received an email stating you are ineligible for the MTC Scholarship because you DID NOT submit your community service hours for the 16/17 school year please read below.

An appeal is required to request possible reinstatement in the MTC program for continued MTC Scholarship eligibility.

If you have sufficient justification for not submitting
your community service tracking log or completing the hours required,
please review the appeal process and guidelines via the link below
and follow the directions on how to submit an appeal to request a possible reinstatement into the MTC program during the 17/18 school year
and continued eligibility for the MTC Scholarship.

Submit your appeal form to by 9/30/17

Download the Appeal forms by clicking the links below:
Appeal Process and Guidelines
Appeal Form
MTC Scholarship Requirements

If you have any questions about the MTC program, please contact
Quaresha Fields at the Montclair Youth Center