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Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch is an organized group of neighbors that closely observes activities or situations that affect the appearance or safety of their community. They are the eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies and their neighbors. Their goal is to create an environment where people care about each other, their property, their safety, and their community. Members of a Neighborhood Watch group can improve the quality of life in their community. They can reduce the occurrence of and deter crimes by looking out for each other and reporting any suspicious activity to the police department.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

Know the neighbors on all sides of you.

Learn what vehicles belong to your neighbors.

Secure Your Home

Secure your home when you leave, even for short periods of time.

Keep your garage closed. Open garages allow burglars to simply walk into your garage, remove what they want, and leave within minutes.

Things That May Indicate a Crime

  • Someone screaming.
  • The sound of breaking glass.
  • Unusual noises.
  • A child resisting the advances of an adult.
  • A stranger approaching or talking to a child.
  • Someone looking into windows or parked cars.
  • Someone walking or running while carrying property at an unusual time.
  • A stranger entering a neighbor's house that appears to be unoccupied.
  • Someone who is aimlessly wandering about the neighborhood.
  • Vehicles moving slowly without an apparent destination or without lights.

Reporting Suspicious Activity or a Crime in Progress

When reporting suspicious activity or a crime in progress, try to remain calm. The police need fast and accurate information. You may be asked for the following information:

  • Your name.
  • A brief description of what, where, when, and how the incident happened.
  • A description of the suspect, including sex, race, age, hair color, height, weight, clothing, and any distinguishing marks or characteristics.
  • A description of the vehicle, including make, model, year, color, license plate, and any distinguishing markings or damage, and the direction it went.

NOTE: The Montclair Police Department does not organize or maintain Neighborhood Watch Programs. However, If you are interested in forming a program or already have one in place, our Officers will gladly speak to your group regarding any areas of concern in your community. Please call the Secretary to the Police Chief at (909) 448-3601 to schedule a speaker request.

For additional information, products, or help in organizing your Neighborhood Watch group, visit the website for the National Crime Prevention Council.