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Records Bureau

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Application for Local Record Review

AdobeStock_41586146California Penal Code Sections 13320-13323 afford an individual the opportunity to request from a local criminal justice agency a summary of his/her record of arrests by that agency. The request must be for an individual's own summary of arrests. Requests for a summary of arrests of another individual will not be processed.

Upon receipt of a written request for a local records check, the response will be provided by mail to the subject of the record. Responses cannot be mailed to anyone other than the subject of the record.

Required Documentation

A valid (non-expired) form of government-issued identification must be presented with this application form. The application form may be turned in at the Police Department and identification presented at that time. If the form is mailed to the Police Department, a photocopy of a valid form of identification must be submitted with the application form and the form must be notarized.

The following are acceptable forms of identification:

  • Valid California driver's license or identification card; or
  • Valid out-of-state driver's license or identification card; or
  • Valid passport; or
  • United States military identification card; or
  • Other valid form of government-issued identification

Records Check Fee

The required fee for a local records check is $25.


Fingerprints may be required for positive identification.

Information Required for a Local Records Check

Submit a signed letter of request specifying you would like to obtain a local records check on yourself. Include the following:

Date of birth
Other names used 
Current address
Telephone number
Driver's License Number and State 
Social Security Number

Mail the letter of request and a check or money order for $25 to: 
Montclair Police Department, 4870 Arrow Highway, Montclair, CA 91763