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Central Avenue Rehabilitation Project

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City of Montclair - Central Avenue Rehabilitation



*Project Update*

Construction crews are currently installing reclaimed water lines along the center median of Central Ave. (southbound) between Palo Verde Ave. and Benito Ave. Crews are also completing median and sidewalk curb work (northbound and southbound).

Lane Closures:

Monday - Sunday

Closures are scheduled to take place 24 hrs/day including weekends.

Southbound Central Avenue:

  • Median inside lane closure between San Bernardino St. and Orchard St.
  • Closure has been extended to just south of Costco. This closure will be in place for approximately two (2) months. Crossing lanes and turn pockets on main travel ways are open.
  • Median inside left lane closure between Benito and .25 miles south of Mission Blvd.
  • Turn pockets on main travel ways are open
  • Median inside left lane closure between Howard St. and Phillips Blvd.
  • Main travel pockets are open with exception of Phillips Blvd.
  • Shoulder outside lane closure between Mission Blvd and Howard St.
  • Temporary closure to pour sidewalk concrete.

Northbound Central Avenue:

  • Median inside lane closure between Philips Blvd. and Orchard St.
  • Closure extended to 750' south of Phillips Blvd. This closure continues North to Palo Verde. All main travel way turn pockets are open.
  • Median inside lane closure between Benito St. and Palo Verde St.
  • Temporary closure to pour sidewalk concrete.

Potholing operations and median landscape work are also scheduled to take place along Central Ave. (Northbound and Southbound), crews will post “No Parking” signs within work limits to ensure safety of utility and landscape crews.

Please note that as construction operations proceed, areas of work that have been completed will be opened to traffic.

we appreciate your help in following all traffic control signs, parking restrictions, and occasional limited access.

NOTE: Information contained in this Notice is subject to change based on weather, field conditions or other operational factors.

This operation is essential for the continued progress of the City of Montclair - Central Avenue Rehabilitation Project. Construction will continue to occur Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with night and weekend work as needed.

Please adhere to the following safety tips:

•Be patient and expect delays, especially during peak travel times.

•Slow down and watch for workers, heavy equipment, pedestrians and cyclists.

•Avoid mobile phone use when driving through the construction zone.

•Watch for lane closures, use alternate routes and follow detours.

•Do not climb or enter areas where crews are working or materials and equipment are stored.

•Remember, this is a short-term inconvenience for a long-term traffic solution.


Overview & Project Limits

mapRehabImageThe City of Montclair will be rehabilitating Central Avenue between Phillips Boulevard and Interstate 10. This project will bring street, landscaping and traffic improvements to this vital corridor. Further, the project will facilitate the installation of a recycle water line for water conservation efforts. This first phase of the project covers approximately 2.5 miles within the City of Montclair. Construction will begin November 12, 2019 with completion anticipated May 1, 2020.




Median Improvements and Landscaping

mapRehab02The project is designed to preserve the existing pine trees along Central Avenue and planting of sustainable and drought tolerant landscaping. Additionally, a modern City of Montclair monument will be installed along with median street beautification
throughout the corridor.




Traffic and Pedestrian Improvements

mapRehabTraffic improvements will be made at several intersections along the corridor.
Improvements include traffic signal upgrades, roadway signage/striping rehabilitation, general equipment upgrades, and left turn phasing modifications to allow better traffic flow. Safety improvements such as pedestrian countdown timers, lighting and ADA wheelchair ramps will be added to several intersections.

Stay Connected

For further questions about the Central Avenue Rehabilitation Project, please contact us at 888-923-6875 or email