Centerline Ties

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Below is a map showing the locations of all of the street centerline ties in the city. To view individual centerline tie-ins, look at the map first, find the tie-in needed, and then click on the PDF containing the needed centerline tie-in below. The map and centerline tie-ins are contained in relatively large Adobe Acrobat files, so please be patient as the files may take some time to load. Simply click on a link to view the file.

Street Centerline Tie-in Map

Street Centerline Ties:

 Centerline Ties 32-64

 Centerline Ties 68-84

 Centerline Ties 85-89A

 Centerline Ties 92-100

 Centerline Ties 102-109A

 Centerline Ties 112-122B


 Centerline Ties 116

 Centerline Ties 123-132

 Centerline Ties 136-144A

 Centerline Ties 146A-152B

 Centerline Ties 156B-166A

 Centerline Ties 167A-175A

 Centerline Ties 180-188A

 Centerline Ties 190-200

 Centerline Ties 204A-208

 Centerline Ties 210-218

 Centerline Ties 220-233A

  Centerline Tie 221

  Centerline Tie 222

  Centerline Tie 223

  Centerline Tie 223A

 Centerline Ties 240-248A

 Centerline Ties 250A-262B

 Centerline Ties264B-269A & 276

 Centerline Ties 271-278