Meet the Staff

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Mike McGehee, Facilities and Grounds Superintendent, is responsible for the maintenance of all City Facilities and Parks Dept. Mike coordinates and supervises the Custodial staff and plays a key role in the planning and construction at City facilities. Mike also performs the day to day requests such as electrical and plumbing repairs. Mike is one of the most enthusiastic employees you will find. He can often times be found working on his day off to ensure all requests are completed accurately and on time.

Mike began his employment with the City in 1988. He can be reached at (909) 625-9443 or by e-mail at


Chad Quidor, Leadworker/Parks, provides the immediate oversight of the staff responsible for design, construction and maintenance of parks, playgrounds, ball fields and other landscape areas within the City. He has obtained a number of National and State Certifications in the field of Parks and Recreation. In addition to this, he received his expertise in baseball field maintenance, training with the Anaheim Angels Field Team. Chad is truly a wonderful human being and an irreplaceable asset to the City. Chad can be reached by e-mail at