Social Issues

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  • How do I get a copy of a city document?

  • How can I see all the municipal laws?

  • I need a passport

  • I need a copy of a marriage certificate.

  • I need a copy of a birth or death certificate.

  • I need a marriage license.

  • Where are the polling stations?

  • How and where do I register to vote?

  • Where are the nearest hospitals?

  • I have a pest problem in my house.

  • I need to know about Medicare and Medicaid.

  • I would like to know about Social Security Services?

  • Is there a user forum within the community to discuss topics about our Local City and State topics?

  • Tell me about Fair Housing program.

  • Telephone number of the nearest Department of Employment.

  • How do I report welfare fraud?

  • I am an employer looking for qualified employees.

  • I need job related advice.

  • I want to report elder abuse.

  • I want to report a child in danger.

  • I need to know about food stamps.