Meet the Staff

Noel Castillo, PE, is the Public Works Director and City Engineer for the City of Montclair.   Noel graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  He started his civil engineering career in the private sector, designing freeways and working on rail and transportation projects.  He specializes in construction management in addition to highway and transportation design, and has experience in the design and engineering of a range of infrastructure projects, including rail, roads, highways, traffic signals, drainage, and utilities.  Noel spent the last 10 years with the City of Fontana and has over 11 years experience in managing City Capital Improvement Projects.

Noel is motivated to educate the public and to help make Montclair a great place for our residents to live and work.  In addition, Noel enjoys participating in career day presentations at local schools, working to motivate kids to enter careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

As Public Works Director, Noel oversees the Engineering, Street/Sewer Operations, and Grounds/Facilities Divisions of the Public Works Department.  In addition, as City Engineer, he also supervises the daily activities of the Engineering Division, including:

  • Administering the City's Capital Improvement Program, including supervising the preparation of design plans for public improvements and the construction and construction management of those improvements.
  • Supervising the issuance of construction permits.
  • Providing plan checking services for development activities such as tract maps, parcel maps, lot line adjustment, parcel mergers, street improvements, sewer improvements, storm drain improvements, and grading plans.
  • Supervising the City's Public Works inspection program for all work conducted within City right-of-way. • Conducting feasibility studies.
  • Maintaining records of engineering data for the Public Works Department, including benchmarks, centerline ties, record drawings, and traffic counts.
  • Overseeing the traffic signal operations including signal coordination and timing, street lighting, and traffic safety.
  • Coordinating traffic and transportation issues with surrounding and regional agencies.

Noel can be contacted at (909) 625-9441 or via e-mail at

Steve Stanton, Engineering Division Manager, is responsible for the implementation of the City’s Capital Improvement Program. His responsibilities include development of preliminary project concepts and cost estimates, preparation of grant applications for various projects, development of designs and construction drawings, preparation of project specifications, conducting public bid openings, and contract administration and construction management of Public Works projects. Steve began his employment in 1987 after being a life-long resident of the City of Montclair. He has worked within many departments including Human Services Department, Fire Department, Police Department, and currently the Public Works Department.

Steve can be contacted at (909) 625-9444 or via e-mail at

Raul Molinar, Public Works Inspector

Raul can be reached at (909) 625-9442 or by e-mail

Vacant, Environmental Compliance Coordinator, is responsible for the City’s compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations for environmental concerns including sewer, pretreatment, other wastewater discharges, and recycling. The Environmental Compliance Coordinator oversees the City’s FOG (fats, oils, and grease) inspection program and commercial and industrial pretreatment program.

Vacant can be reached at (909) 625-9478

Samantha Contreras, NPDES/Environmental Compliance Inspector

Samantha can be reached at (909) 625-9447 or by email at

Vacant, NPDES Coordinator, is responsible for implementing the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) as it relates to stormwater discharges from construction sites and industrial/commercial facilities. He/she ensures development/redevelopment projects comply with the San Bernardino County Water Quality Management Plan and coordinates with City staff to ensure all City departments are in compliance with City's stormwater program.

Vacant can be reached at (909) 625-9478.


Vacant, Administrative Technician, is frequently the first point of contact for the Public Works Engineering Division, assisting with inquiries at the counter and over the phone. He/she is responsible for the daily office activities of the Engineering Division, as well as issuing transportation permits and reporting traffic signal and street light problems. He/she also assists the City Engineer and other Engineering Division staff members with various projects.

Vacant can be reached at (909) 625-9478.

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