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Effective immediately, and until rescinded, dine–in restaurants within the City of Montclair will be allowed to temporarily create or expand al fresco (outdoor) dining areas notwithstanding any preexisting limitations imposed under the Montclair Municipal Code. This City of Montclair Community Guidance is based on provisions of Dine–In Restaurants Guidance issued by the California Department of Public Health updated on Thursday, July 2, 2020 and Guidance on Closures of Sectors in Response to Covid–19 by Governor Newsom and the California Department of Public Health published on July 1, 2020.


In efforts to provide more testing opportunities for San Bernardino County residents, community testing events are being held throughout the county. At these testing events, samples are collected by inserting a swab up the nostril or into the mouth to the throat. These samples are then sent to a laboratory for COVID-19 testing. Events are free of charge and do not require health insurance.


On May 14, 2020, the County of San Bernardino launched the COVID-Compliant Business Partnership Program to support local small businesses and help ensure ongoing compliance with State and County health orders and direction.

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Coronavirus Business Resources

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As part of the City of Montclair’s efforts in ensuring that businesses, visitors, and residents alike comply with Social Distancing Guidelines, Face Mask Mandates, and Industry Guidelines for the safe reopening of businesses, the City of Montclair has created a COVID-19 Task Force (Task Force).  The primary role of the Task Force is to educate and ensure that businesses comply with City, County, and State guidelines, mandates, and emergency orders pertaining to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Task Force has developed a COVID-19 Business Tool Kit which provides businesses with best management practices aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19, best practices for cleaning and disinfecting, safety and welfare protocols, as well as available resources from the California Department of Public Health, the Center for Disease Control, San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, and the City of Montclair.

The COVID-19 Business Tool Kit includes:

  • COVID-19 Compliance Strike Force Team Letter notifying businesses of the development of a State Strike Team and the ability of the State Strike Team to impose fines, penalties, and removal of State issued licenses for businesses not in compliance with State guidelines, mandates, and emergency orders;
  • Face Covering Required Placard all businesses need to post at their entrances notifying those entering a business of the requirement to wear a face mask and an e-mail address hot line where individuals can report COVID-19 business violations; and
  • Business Welcome Flyer  all businesses need to post at their entrances notifying those entering a business of the requirement to wear a face mask and an e-mail address hot line where individuals can report COVID-19. business violations.

Those businesses that are reported to the Task Force for violations, will receive a courtesy visit from staff where the business owner/manager will be informed of the violation reported and will be provided information on how to correct the violation. Those businesses that continue to violate Social Distancing Guidelines, Face Mask Mandates, and Industry Guidelines, will be fined and reported to the State Strike Team.




1. Obtain written permission from the property owner who owns the property that will be used for outdoor business expansion.

2. Draw and submit a sketch of the proposed plan to the City of Montclair Building Official/Code Enforcement Manager at – with “Outdoor Business Expansion” in the subject line.

A Fire Inspection will be required for businesses adding 400 sq. ft. or more or using canopies larger than 10′ x 10′. There is no fee for the inspection. The City will request an inspection after complete documents have been submitted.   Please call Building Official/Code Enforcement Manager at (909) 625-9437 to set up an inspection when you are ready with your canopies and barriers in place.

*ADA accessibility must be maintained, outdoor dining must comply with all San Bernardino County Environmental Health regulations.

3. For restaurants, breweries and wineries only: If serving alcohol outdoors, obtain a COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization from the Alcoholic Beverage Control by reading the instructions here, and:

  • Submit a completed Application, Supplemental Diagram, and Fee to ABC Office: 3737 Main St., Suite 900, Riverside, CA 92501
  • Application (Form ABC-218 CV19)
  • Supplemental Diagram (Form ABC-253)
  • $100.00 fee for a COVID-19 Temporary Catering Authorization. (This fee is non-refundable regardless of whether the application is approved or denied.)


  • No amplified or live music is allowed with outdoor dining.
  • Outdoor operations may be conducted under a tent, canopy, or other sun shelter as long as no more than one side is closed, allowing sufficient outdoor air movement.
  • Tables and chairs must be at least 6 feet apart.
  • No food service equipment or service stations can be set up outside, only seating.
  • The area can only be used for its intended business purpose; no other activities.
  • All bars, pubs, brewpubs, breweries and other businesses licensed to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on their premises may open outdoor operations if they offer sit-down, outdoor dine-in meals. Alcohol can only be sold in the same transaction as a meal.
  • Personal Care Services such as salons and barbershops must not perform a service that would require a customer to have to enter the establishment.  Read more in the Expanded Personal Care Services Provided Outdoors
  • Gyms, Fitness Facilities, Marital Arts Studios, Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios, Dance studios and similar facilities are only allowed to be open outdoors at this time and must follow the Gyms and Fitness Center Guidance.
  • Churches can only operate outdoors.  Indoor services are not permitted per the State of California.


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