UPDATE – Splash Pad at Alma Hofman Park

Posted on July 20, 2023

The City is experiencing a parts shortage issue similar to the problem plaguing the automobile industry with microchips and other manufacturers reliant on electronic microchips for their products. Replacement parts for the Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection system required to operate the Splash Pad remain unavailable. Staff ordered UV system parts in January 2023 when system malfunctions were detected (five months before the splash was scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend, around May 27-29, 2023). In early May, the manufacturer advised City staff that the controller for the UV system would be shipped at the end of June, but we have yet to receive it.

City maintenance staff annually verify the operational status of the Splash Pad system at least five months before the scheduled opening date and immediately order the necessary parts to achieve a functioning and operating status before each summer season. Unfortunately, ongoing supply chain issues out of our control have prevented the opening of the Splash Pad. The required parts for the Splash Pad operate the sanitation and filtration systems, which are essential to the health and safety of children using the Splash Pad. With a functional sanitation and filtration system, the City is allowed by Health Department rules to operate the Splash Pad.

Staff also requested a quote for an entirely new sanitation and filtration system, but new systems were also unavailable due to supply shortages. Finally, staff ordered a new disinfection system on July 20, 2023. The new system will be installed in four to six weeks.

In mid-April, in preparation for opening the Splash Pad, a new pad surface was installed to replace the old one so the community could enjoy the new padding. Unfortunately, the new padding was not installed correctly and will be replaced next month. There has yet to be a date for reopening the Splash Pad during the current season. The City apologizes for the inconvenience this closure has caused the public.

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