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Monte Vista Water District
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Montclair, CA 91763
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Montclair and the Drought

The City of Montclair considers wise water usage a priority. Montclair has a proactive approach to water conservation, including the use of weather-based irrigation controllers, low water use plans in all-new development areas, and the use of recycled water for most City landscapes, including City parks.

The City of Montclair is dedicated to partnering with the community, Monte Vista Water District (MVWD), and the Chino Basin Water Conservation District to become more water-efficient. We encourage residents to engage with Monte Vista Water District, which serves all of Montclair, and Chino Basin Water Conservation District (CBWCD) for tips and information and to show you how to take steps to conserve water.

Monte Vista Water District

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California announced that Southern Californians need to reduce outdoor watering to 1 day per week beginning June 1. MVWD currently has water use restrictions that limit outdoor watering to 3 days per week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) and prohibits daytime watering. MVWD customers are urged to significantly cut back outdoor watering to one day per week while hand watering trees to maintain the natural urban canopy. We must do our part to conserve now or risk further restrictions on water use. MVWD is not enforcing one-day per week watering restrictions at this time, but customers are encouraged to do so where possible. Should MVWD’s Board of Directors take action to implement greater restrictions, customers will be notified directly as well as through general public communication.

MVWD recognizes and appreciates our customers’ excellent conservation efforts, but we need to reduce water use even more. The time is now.

Chino Basin Water Conservation District

The Chino Basin is one of the largest groundwater basins in Southern California. Groundwater, which is water contained in between soils and gravels in the ground beneath our communities, is pumped up, cleaned, and distributed to us by our local water agencies. The Chino Groundwater Basin contains approximately 5 million acre-feet of water. However, only approximately 90,000-acre feet of that water can be used in a single year, in order for the basin to remain sustainably managed and to ensure this resource is not depleted over time.

The Chino Basin Watermaster is a public agency that was created to monitor and sustainably manage the Chino Groundwater Basin, coordinating the quantity of water from the Chino Basin that each user, such as your water provider, pumps from the ground.

While the service area of the Waterwise Community Center and Chino Basin Water Conservation District is in San Bernardino County, natural features like groundwater basins do not follow county lines. About 80% of the Chino Groundwater Basin is located in San Bernardino County, about 15% is in Riverside County, and about 5% is in Los Angeles County.

Water providers pump, clean, and distribute groundwater from the Chino Basin each year.

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