COVID-19 Community Recognition Award

Award Description

The City of Montclair has launched a COVID-19 Community Recognition Awards program. Nominations are open to recognize residents, businesses and organizations for their outstanding efforts in the community during the unprecedented and challenging COVID-19 pandemic. Criteria based on nominees displaying one or all of the following:

  •     Positive community contribution
  •     Volunteerism
  •     Acts of kindness
  •     Providing an essential service
  •     Leadership and support within the community

Award recipients will be presented with a City Council Certificate of Recognition and a City pin. One award will be presented per month at a regular City Council meeting (occurrence may increase depending on interest from the community and participation level).

Nominees must be able to attend a live Zoom Council meeting to accept the award.  Council meetings occur on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Nominating entity/individual will be contacted for further details and instructions if their nominee is selected to receive the award.

Application to Nominate Award Recipient


  • Must be nominated by the City or a business, nonprofit, agency, church, etc.
  • Does not need to be a resident, but service must be in some way related to assisting the Montclair community during the past year to address the COVID-19 pandemic or other issues caused by it.
  • City of Montclair employees, Council Members, Planning and Community Activities Commissioners, and any of those individuals' immediate family members are not eligible to be nominated for this recognition.
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