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  • City of Montclair

    Feb 19

    Tonight Montclair welcomed its newest City Council Member, Tenice Johnson. Tenice, a long time Planning Commissioner for the City, was officially sworn in by her family and took part in her first City Council meeting this evening.

  • City of Montclair

    Feb 14

    Have heart and sign up to donate blood on Tuesday, February 19. Walk-ins are welcome but sign-ups are preferred. Contact jmichel@cityofmontclair.org or (909) 448-4606 to sign-up.

  • City of Montclair

    Feb 15

    Valentine’s Dance at the Montclair Senior Center today. Look at them go! Interested in learning more about the Montclair Senior Center? Visit https://cityofmontclair.org/city-government/human-services/senior-center

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