Public Works

Public Works

Department Overview

The Public Works Department is comprised of three divisions: Engineering, Operations, and Facilities and Grounds.  While each of the three divisions serves a different function within the Public Works Department, they operate in a coordinated manner to keep Montclair's infrastructure and public spaces safe and beautiful.


The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for implementing the City’s capital improvement program and providing project management services for City projects.  The Engineering Division also manages the City’s traffic signal operations, assists in development activities, provides inspection services for improvements in the public right-of-way, and assists with operations of the City’s sewer and storm drain systems.

Parks and Facilities

The Facilities and Grounds Division is responsible for the building and grounds maintenance of all City-owned facilities, such as the Civic Center, and the maintenance of the City park system, including the Splash Pad at Alma Hofman Park.


The Operations Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining City streets, street signs, City trees, median island landscaping, storm drains, the City sewer system, and all areas in the City right-of-way.  The Operations team performs weekly street sweeping, graffiti abatement, and preventative maintenance on all City vehicles, including all Police and Fire Department vehicles.


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