Capital Improvement Projects

What are CIPs?

Municipal construction projects undertaken by cities are typically referred to as Capital Projects. These projects include streets, storm drains, sewer lines, park development, landscaping, signals, street lighting, and, in some cases, municipal buildings. Combined, this becomes the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP is approved on an annual basis.

How does CIP Funding Work?

Funds are appropriated as part of the City budget process. Project funding may come from any combination of City, state and federal sources including the City’s General Fund, Gas Taxes, Measure I, and grants through various state and federal programs. Certain funding is available on a competitive basis while others are restricted to certain types of projects. For example, the Gas Tax fund can only be used for street related projects. The fund could be used to fund a new street, rehabilitate an existing street, install or repair sidewalks, install traffic signals or work of a similar nature. This fund could not be used to install a sewer line. Likewise, money from the sewer fund cannot be used to construct a new street or install a signal.

Want to know more?

To gather information on Montclair's Capital Improvement Projects you can click on the icons below or submit a public records request.

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