City Manager


Edward C. Starr
City Manager

Monday - Thursday
7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday - Sunday

About the City Manager

Edward C. Starr, City Manager

The City Manager serves as the appointed chief executive officer of the City of Montclair, is responsible for the efficient and effective administration and daily operation of each City function, makes policy and procedural recommendations to an elected Mayor and City Council, keeps the Mayor and City Council apprised in a timely manner on key issues and matters related to City business, responds to the needs of the community, and enforces all municipal laws and regulations for the benefit of the community.  The City Manager takes direction from the Mayor and City Council to implement their vision and policies for the Montclair community.  The City Manager represents the City on legislative matters at the state and federal government levels, works with other agencies on regional issues, and makes recommendations related to employment issues, service programs and service delivery.

City Manager Edward C. Starr has served the Montclair community since February 1984, and was appointed City Manager effective July 1, 2010.  Prior to his appointment as City Manager, Mr. Starr served as Deputy City Manager/Administrative Services Director with operational responsibility for Finance Services, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Solid Waste Services, Administrative Services, Animal Control, City Clerk and Records Management, Information Technology Services, and Management Services.


When appointed City Manager, Mr. Starr and his management team were tasked by the Mayor and City Council to address and reverse the adverse fiscal impacts of the Great Recession on City revenues and programs. Together, with Finance Director Donald L. Parker, CPA, the effort and cooperation of City employees and the City Council’s partnership and policy skills, Montclair avoided much of the financial turmoil haunting other municipal agencies and emerged in the aftermath of the Great Recession as a fiscally stable community ready to embark on a number of projects designed to reshape the community’s landscape.  Today, Montclair is a vibrant community, a three-time recipient of the prestigious League of California Cities Helen Putnam Award, and a town recognized by the local media as one of the region’s best-managed communities.

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