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Overview of Boards, Commission, & Committees


The City Council acts as the Board of Directors for the City of Montclair as Successor to the City's former Redevelopment Agency (Successor Agency). The Montclair Successor Agency Oversight Board, the City's local Oversight Board, was an independent Board that existed from April 25, 2012, until June 30, 2018, and oversaw the dissolution of the City's former Redevelopment Agency and was made up of appointees from the Mayor, the City, and various special taxing districts including schools, utilities, and the County. On July 1, 2018, the Countywide Oversight Board replaced the 26 oversight boards created by successor agencies in San Bernardino County.

The City Council also serves as the Board for the Montclair Housing Corporation and Montclair Community Foundation; and as Commissioners for the Montclair Housing Authority and the Montclair Public Financing Authority.


The City Council's advisory bodies are the Planning Commission and the Community Activities Commission. The membership of these bodies is comprised of members appointed by the Mayor upon confirmation of the City Council.


The City Council is also advised by several Council Committees, some of which regularly meet on a monthly basis and provide recommendations to the City Council on routine, special, and extraordinary matters. Committees are made up of two Council Members and staff members to advise as needed. The City Council may also from time to time form Ad Hoc Committees, which meet for specific purposes on an as-needed basis.


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