Montclair Housing Authority

Low-to-Moderate Income Housing activities (previously handled by the City of Montclair Redevelopment Agency prior to its dissolution February, 2012 and currently are done by the Montclair Housing Authority) are separated and reported by two entities.

  • The Montclair Housing Authority (Housing Authority) is the Successor Housing Entity which, under the redevelopment dissolution law, took housing assets (other than cash on hand) from the City of Montclair Redevelopment Agency's Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds upon dissolution.
  • Those housing assets included single and multifamily residential housing units which are operated and maintained by the Montclair Housing Corporation (Housing Corporation), which is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit California Corporation.

The rents and other income from the housing operations belong to the Housing Authority; however, they are granted to the Housing Corporation for use in covering expenses of operating the various housing units.   The amount of rents collected from the renters is establish by the State Department of Housing and Community Development and varies based upon income levels.

Effective Fiscal Year 2013-2014, state law requires an annual report to be prepared covering the financial operations of the Successor Housing Entity.  Below are digital copies of these reports.

Hard copies of these may be requested from the Finance Department located within City Hall.

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