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Jane Smith


Content describing what the Division does. It is the role of the Administrator, with the help of his staff, to operate and handle the daily business of the government.

Under the direction and policy established by the Board of Trustees, the Administrator has many duties to perform. These duties include:

  • Supervising and coordinating the activities of all departments and employees as prescribed by law.
    Informing the Mayor and Trustees of all Village activities and recommending needed actions.
  • Representing, or supervising the representation of the Village/Town/City/County in affairs with employees, other governments and administrative agencies, and the public.
  • The Administrator serves as the Budget Officer and prepares the tentative budget at the direction of the Mayor and the Village Board.

The Administrator also serves as the Clerk. The Clerk attends to various concerns of the residents and issues legal notices related to all Village business, including public hearings and contracts. As the official "keeper of records" for all municipal documents, this is done in accordance with state mandates. This office also prepares the agenda for the Board Meetings, compiles the minutes, and files local laws. The Clerk's Office also conducts Elections, assists in the formation of resolutions, issues handicapped parking permits, taxicab, peddler and vendor licenses.

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