14th World Gastroenterology, IBD & Hepatology Conference

MayMay 12 2025

On behalf of UCG, we extend a warm greeting in welcoming you to the 14th World Gastroenterology, IBD & Hepatology Conference happening during December 17-19, 2024 in Dubai, UAE & Online. The theme of the Conference “Discovering new treatments, and advancing medical knowledge in Gastroenterology, IBD and Hepatology”. It is an auspicious time to make contact, discuss and share problems, the experience of mutual interest with attendees from all over the world. UCG has worked hard, and we have an exciting program for Gastroenterology & IBD Hepatology Conference that will allow attendees to reflect upon & celebrate accomplishments, extend networks, and can explore both current & future research. We hope that this conference will be a productive, fun-filled time and memorable one.
Gastroenterology CME Conference is organized by Utilitarian Conference Gathering (UCG) and will be held from December 17-19, 2024 in Dubai, UAE. Gastroenterology 2024 will focus on evidence based and practical features of controlling GI disorders in Gastroenterology and hepatology. Our 3 days conference will enlighten the attendees to manage and diagnose every challenging case in the latest advances in the GI field, clinical practice, Liver diseases, endoscopy, pancreatic diseases, small bowel and esophageal diseases.
Call for Paper/Abstract:
Call for Paper/Abstracts is now open for the Gastroenterology CME Conferences 2024 in Dubai, during December 17-19, 2024 with the motto “Discovering new treatments, and advancing medical knowledge in Gastroenterology, IBD and Hepatology”.
Each session will be followed by a panel discussion about the approach to the management and diagnosis of presented topics.
Utilitarian Conferences Committee Experts invites Gastroenterologists, hepatologists, Physicians, fellows, physician assistants, nurses, endoscopy, allied Gastroenterologists professionals, specializing in gastroenterology, Plenary Speakers, Speakers, Dermatologists, Neurologist, Surgeons, Cytopathologists, Dermatopathologists, Gynecologists, Delegates, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Students, Business Persons, Young Researchers, Scholars, Scientists, Lecturers, Oncologists, Gastroenterologists, Surgeons Haematologists Neurosurgeons, Gynaecologists Laboratory managers & Directors Gastroenterologists in training General practitioners Laboratory professionals, Gastroenterology professionals, Medical students, internal medicine and other interested Gastroenterology professionals,
Conference Key Sessions:
Track 1 : Gastroenterology, Track 2 : Hepatology, Track 3 : Hepatitis, Track 4 : Gastrointestinal Pathology, Track 5 : Gastrointestinal Cancer, Track 6 : Covid-19 effects on gastroenterology practices, Track 7 : Small Bowel and Colonic Disease, Track 8 : Pancreatic and biliary disease, Track 9 : Esophageal and Gastric Disease, Track 10 : Abdominal & Primary Care, Track 11 : Microbiota, Track 12 : Celiac Diseases, Track 13 : Pediatric Gastroenterology, Track 14 : Gastrointestinal Surgery, Track 15 : Innovation & Technology in Gastroenterology , Track 16 : Digestive Disorders, Track 17 : Gallbladder & Biliary Diseases, Track 18 : Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Track 19 : Gastrointestinal Radiology, Track 20 : Gastroenteritis, Track 21 : Bariatric Surgery, Track 22 : Liver Biopsy, Track 23 : Gastroenterology Treatment, Track 24 : Gastrointestinal Immunology
Track 25 : Gut Microbiome & Probiotics Interactior, Track 26 : Neuro Gastroenterology,

Conference Benefits:

21 CME Hours
21 CPD Hours
Live Sessions
One on one meet with Experts and Investors on Demand
A showcase of new Products
Certification of Recognition
Industrial Exhibitions
Meet your Academic idols
Hear about the latest research
Engage in High-level debates & Q/A
Networking for future collaboration
Publication of abstracts on our Website
Add Research Value
Employment Bureau
Networking Sessions

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Important Information:
Conference Name: 14th World Gastroenterology, IBD & Hepatology Conference
Short Name: 14GHUCG2024
Dates: December 17-19, 2024
Venue: Dubai, UAE
Scientific Program: It will only include plenary speakers, keynote speakers, panel discussions and presentations in parallel sessions.
Audience: Global Leaders, Industrialists, Business Delegates, Students, Entrepreneurs, Executives
Email: gastroenterology@ucgcmeconference.com
Visit: https://gastroenterology.universeconferences.com/
Call for Papers: https://gastroenterology.universeconferences.com/submit-abstract/
Register here: https://gastroenterology.universeconferences.com/registration/
Brochure: https://gastroenterology.universeconferences.com/download-brochure/
Exhibitor/Sponsor: https://gastroenterology.universeconferences.com/exhibit-sponsor-opportunities/
Call Us: +12073070027
WhatsApp Us: +442033222718
Target Audience:
Gastroenterologists, hepatologists, Physicians, fellows, physician assistants, nurses, endoscopy, allied health professionals specializing in gastroenterology, internal medicine and other interested health care professionals. , Gastro pathologist, Neurologist, Surgeons, Cytopathologists, Clinical and academic dermatologists, residents, fellows, mid-level Providers allied healthcare Providers students with a special interest in dermatology. Dermatopathologists, Gynecologists, Lecturers. CTOs, VPs, Directors, Senior Managers, Scientists, Doctors, Chief officers, Professors, Anatomic Pathologist, Gastroenterology Product Managers.
Twitter: @gastro_ucg
Twitter: @GastroUCG
Delegates, Industrialists to share the knowledge, experience, challenges, innovations and trends encountered in the field of Gastroenterology, IBD & Hepatology. It provides a great platform for more than 70+ international and regional Speakers and our experts will deliver innovative speeches. Cutting edge talks, electrifying lectures, interactive sessions on emerging research, and live demonstrations.
We hope that you will have a productive and fun-filled time at the 14th World Gastroenterology, IBD & Hepatology Conference Our Best Regards,
Connect With Us:
URL: https://gastroenterology.universeconferences.com/
Email: gastroenterology@ucgcmeconference.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GastroUCG
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gastroconferences/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gastroenterologyucg/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/3fDM3eUu8x4
WordPress: https://gucg2020berlin.wordpress.com/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/gastroutilitarianconferences/
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/gastroenterologyucgconferences
YoutubeVideos link: https://youtu.be/vesXYBikB2Y

Our Previous Speakers:
Dr. Eric Ibegbu: (USA) Medical Director and CEO at Atlantic Medical Group
Ms. Ariadna Maso: (Spain) Founder & CEO SANNO
Prof. Arthur Sun Myint: (UK) Professor of University of Liverpool
Dr. Naim Abu Freha: (Israel) Gastroenterologist
Mr. Mahmoud Rihan: (UAE) Founder & CEO BIOMERICE
Dr. Abdollah Zandi : (UAE) Specialist Bariatric Surgeon
Mr. Jared Bearss: (USA) Chief Operating Officer, Halia Therapeutics, USA
Dr. Cuckoo Choudhary : (USA) Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
Dr. Asif Yasin: (UK) Specialist Registrar Gastroenterology at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Dr. Pranav Reddy: (USA) Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine, United States
Organizing committee member link: https://gastroenterology.universeconferences.com/committee-members-and-speakers/
More Information: https://utilitarianconferences.com/

Utilitarian Conference Gathering

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