Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Services Division provides full-service support designated to accommodate the organization's computer hardware and software requirements. The Information Technology Division also implements e-mail, Global Information Systems Technology, and internet service for City business needs. The division is constantly utilizing current technology to better serve the organization. Information Technology supports other departments in their efforts to optimize business processes through technical solutions.

Administrative Subdivision

Manages the City's software and support agreements while complying with applicable regulations. Administrative Subdivision is constantly researching and recommending better technological practices the city should adopt. Business and systems analysis are done to help ensure City Business is utilizing tools as necessary. Relationships are developed with software and hardware vendors to keep up with the latest software and hardware.


Technical Support Subdivision

The Technical Support subdivision is in charge of supporting each department with any technological issues as well as helping to create a better understanding of hardware and software to City personnel. Technical Support also maintains the City's website, security systems, and the Government Access Channel.

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