How do I start a business in the city?

Montclair is a great place to start and grow a successful business. We are home to many incredible companies, from biotech to real estate, finance to auto sales, construction to education. Our Economic Development department is here for you!

Montclair Municipal Code requires all businesses operating in the City of Montclair pay a business license tax. This tax is imposed to raise revenue and is not for the purpose of regulation.  The business license certificate is evidence only that such tax has been paid. Obtaining a new business license requires you submit both a Business License Application and an Application for Zoning and Use Review.  Applications may be obtained online or at Montclair City Hall, Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The City Zoning Ordinance includes regulations concerning where and under what conditions a business may operate in the City of Montclair.  In some cases a conditional use permit or zoning variance is required.  To determine if the business activity you are planning can be carried on at the location you have selected, you should contact the Planning and Community Development Department at (909) 625-9477.

Additional business resources can be found in the Economic Development Department section of the website.

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