FAQ Topic: Engineering

How can I get a Construction Permit?

Construction permit applications are only for work done on City property in the public right-of-way such as streets, sidewalks, and curbs. The application can be downloaded or collected in-person from the Public Works Engineering Department. For construction work in residential homes and private businesses, contact Building and Planning at (909) 625-9477.

Can I apply for a permit online?

Most permits are acquired in-person and over the counter at Montclair City Hall. Applicable fees are paid in-person by check, cash, or credit card. Building and Planning Permits (walk-ins): 7am-9am and 4pm-5:30p Engineering and Transportation Permits (by appointment): 7am-6pm Finance Counter: 7am-6pm

What kind of permit do I need to repair or upgrade my driveway approach?

Alterations of residential and commercial driveway approaches in the public right-of-way require a Construction permit. Fees will vary. Download a form and follow the instructions. You may email or hand deliver the form in-person to the Public Works Engineering Counter located at City Hall. Allow 10 days for processing. You will be contacted by staff … Continued

When is the Building & Planning and Public Works Engineering permit counter open?

Counter Hours Community Development Building & Planning Permits (preferred for walk-ins): Morning 7am to 9am Afternoon 4pm to 5:30pm All other hours, call for an appointment at (909) 625-9477 Public Works Engineering Permits (appointment preferred) 7am to 6pm Call for availability: (909) 625-9478 City Hall is open Monday through Thursday, except for most Federal Holidays. … Continued

What forms of payment do you accept?

The City of Montclair accepts cash, checks (made payable to: The City of Montclair), Visa, or MasterCard. If a credit card is used, the name on the credit card much match the identification of the person using the card.

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