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My water is brown and has residue in it! Who can I contact?

It is recommended that homeowners seek services from a licensed plumber who would be able to detect any underlying problems on the property such as corrosion and iron or lead residue from old pipes. Report the issue to the Public Works Operations Division using this form. In addition, homeowners may submit a report to Monte … Continued

Can I apply for a permit online?

Most permits are acquired in-person and over the counter at Montclair City Hall. Applicable fees are paid in-person by check, cash, or credit card. Building and Planning Permits (walk-ins): 7am-9am and 4pm-5:30p Engineering and Transportation Permits (by appointment): 7am-6pm Finance Counter: 7am-6pm

When is the Building & Planning and Public Works Engineering permit counter open?

Counter Hours Community Development Building & Planning Permits (preferred for walk-ins): Morning 7am to 9am Afternoon 4pm to 5:30pm All other hours, call for an appointment at (909) 625-9477 Public Works Engineering Permits (appointment preferred) 7am to 6pm Call for availability: (909) 625-9478 City Hall is open Monday through Thursday, except for most Federal Holidays. … Continued

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