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How do I obtain divorce records?

Divorce Records Divorce records are generally obtained from and maintained by the Court in which the divorce was filed. It is always best to contact the Court’s office directly. The below information is provided as a courtesy and does not include all of the potential locations for obtaining records of a divorce. If you are … Continued

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

Requests for certain Police Department records such as crime/incident reports, call-for-service records, and traffic collision reports, are handled by the Police Department directly. Please view the Police Department’s instructions on obtaining report copies.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19 health guidance?

World Health Organization (WHO): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): State of California: County of San Bernardino County: City of Montclair:

Who is exempt from wearing masks?

The following individuals are exempt from wearing masks at all times: Persons younger than two years old. Very young children must not wear a mask because of the risk of suffocation. Persons with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a mask. This includes persons with a medical condition for whom … Continued

Where and when are masks required?

Within the City of Montclair Masks are required for unvaccinated individuals inside City facilities (City Hall, Community Center, Police Department, etc.). Private businesses are responsible for establishing and enforcing any masking guidelines. Please observe the following guidelines when visiting City facilities: In San Bernardino County: The County is currently operating under the state’s mandates and … Continued

What is open/closed and are there any restrictions?

The State of California sets the base standards throughout the state for COVID-19 health restrictions. County departments of public health can create stricter rules, but cannot waive state restrictions. There are currently no county tiers, capacity limits, or physical distancing requirements in place at the state level, or in San Bernardino County. General Restrictions: Review … Continued

Are Montclair’s parks open?

City parks are currently open. Masks are not required outdoors at City parks. Please observe the Park safety guidance. The Splash Pad will be open to the public for the summer (May 28 – September 5, 2022). The Skate Park is currently open during its normal hours but may be closed intermittently due to violations … Continued

Does Montclair have any educational programs?

Montclair offers several primary and supplemental educational programs and grants. To find out more, please visit the links below. Montclair After-School Program Montclair to College Program Montclair Youth Center Mini-School Program

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