September 14, 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election

Why is there a recall election?

Due to a successful recall petition that obtained the requisite number of signatures, a special statewide election will take place on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, for the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.


Voters will answer two questions on their ballot (this is an estimation, not an exact representation, of how the questions will appear on the ballot):

  1. Shall GAVIN NEWSOM be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?

    • Yes
    • No
  1. Candidates to succeed GAVIN NEWSOM as Governor if he is recalled:
    Select one (regardless of whether you voted Yes or No to the prior question).

Additional Election Information

The below links will redirect to external websites.

County of San Bernardino

  • County Website for Local Voting and Recall Election Information
    • San Bernardino County Voter Information Guide and Sample Ballot (English) (Spanish)

Secretary of State

Virtual Events to Learn About Voting in the Recall Election

The County of San Bernardino Registrar of Voters is hosting virtual presentations on voting for the Recall Election throughout the month of August. You can view the schedule and sign up online.

Topics covered in the presentations include:

  • Brief overview: What’s different in this recall election for California voters
  • How voting works: 4 easy ways to vote
  • Voting in-person
  • How we’re ensuring the security of your ballot
  • Details of our Voter Education Program campaign
  • How to get involved and spread the word
  • Key resources to tap
  • Question and Answer session
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