FAQ Topic: Municipal Code

How can I learn about newly enacted laws?

The City Council enacts laws through Ordinances. You may view recently adopted ordinances on the Public Notices page, or on Municode, the online version of the Montclair Municipal Code.

What are zoning restrictions in the city?

The Zoning Code of the City of Montclair is contained in Title 11 of the Montclair Municipal Code. For specific questions about the zoning restrictions in the City, contact the the City’s Planning division at (909) 625-9477.

What are the city dog ordinances?

Montclair has a few rules in place for our furry friends. All dogs are required to have a dog license. This helps other people know your dog is vaccinated and helps you find your pet if they are lost. Unless at a dog park, please keep your dog on a leash when not on your … Continued

How can I obtain a copy of the Municipal Code?

The City of Montclair’s Municipal Code is a document that contains all of the regulations of the City that were adopted as Ordinances by the City Council and codified into the Code. The Municipal Code is updated as the City grows and changes. You can view the City of Montclair Municipal Code on the web … Continued

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