FAQ Topic: Operations and Fleet

How can I report graffiti?

Please report graffiti to the City by filling out this online form or calling the Public Works Operations Division at (909) 625-9480.

My water is brown and has residue in it! Who can I contact?

It is recommended that homeowners seek services from a licensed plumber who would be able to detect any underlying problems on the property such as corrosion and iron or lead residue from old pipes. Report the issue to the Public Works Operations Division using this form. In addition, homeowners may submit a report to Monte … Continued

Where can I report a pothole?

You can report potholes to the Public Works Operations Division online using this form. Please be detailed about the location and cross streets. Provide photos if possible.

Why can’t I park on the curb during street sweeping day?

The City of Montclair provides its residents with once-a-week street sweeping service. Parking is restricted on street sweeping day to achieve cleaner public streets. On the day your street is swept, parking on the street is prohibited between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Signs will be posted in your neighborhood indicating the … Continued

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