Santa and Mrs. Claus Will Be Dashing Through Montclair

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their sleigh will be dashing through the streets of Montclair, spreading holiday cheer.

Please note while Santa wants to visit every street, he needs to reserve his energy for Christmas Eve deliveries. Santa changes his route every year to travel as many Montclair streets as possible.

You can follow Santa and Mrs. Claus on his route live here at

FAQ Topic: Parking

How do I get a parking permit?

Residential parking zones on City streets are established in certain areas of the City where there is a high demand for parking but a limited number of parking spaces. The intent of residential parking zones is to give residents in that area, or residents on one side of a street, parking in front of their … Continued

How do I pay a ticket?

Payments by check or money order are to be mailed to: Parking Enforcement Center City of Montclair P.O. Box 3214 Milwaukee, WI 53201-3214 Online payments may be made at Payments are due 21 calendar days from the date of issuance. Payments are to be postmarked on or before the due date in order to … Continued

How do I dispute a parking ticket?

If you would like to dispute a parking citation, you must download and complete an Administrative Review Request form. Mail the completed form to: Parking Enforcement Center Montclair Police Department P.O. Box 3214 Milwaukee, WI 53201-3214 Requests for administrative review must be postmarked by the due date in order to be eligible for review.

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