Human Resources

Assistant City Manager

Marcia Richter

Human Resources Manager

Andrea Myrick

Employment & Personnel Coordinator

Benefits Specialist


Personnel functions include the recruitment and orientation process for new City employees, administering City personnel matters, and risk management. To assist individuals interested in applying for positions currently available in the City of Montclair, the Personnel Division lists employment opportunities on our website. The Employment Opportunities page lists the City of Montclair jobs open for application and gives the deadline for the Personnel Division to receive the application.


Variations of benefits offered to part-time and full-time employees include, but are not limited to, holidays, vacation, sick & annual leave, medical/vision/dental plans, Workers’ Compensation and deferred compensation. The Benefits division works with the Personnel division to provide efficiency and administrative support to the Human Resources department. Open Enrollment runs from mid-May to mid-June for a July 1 start date.

The City contracts with California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) as a pension provider for its employees. The City also  contributes to medical coverage for employees and their families; and to dental and vision plans for the employee, with family coverage available for purchase by the employee. A term life insurance policy and long-term disability plan for the employee are provided and paid for by the City. A City-paid educational subsidy is available to encourage employees to further their education in job-related fields.

Employees receive 80 hours of vacation per year after one year of service; 120 hours per year after five years of service; 160 hours per year after ten years of service; and 200 hours per year after 20 years of service. Employees accumulate eight hours of sick leave per month. The City may credit an employee who is coming from another governmental agency with one-half of his/her accumulated sick leave up to a maximum of 240 hours. One hundred four hours of paid holiday time is provided each year.

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