Recruitment Process and How to Apply


The City of Montclair only accepts applications during a recruitment held to fill a current vacancy.

Submitting Your Application

To apply for a position with the City of Montclair, please complete a City application for each position for which you are applying in the City's online job center, which is hosted through Applications must be received by the Personnel Office before the closing date/time shown on the job posting.

Reasonable Accommodation

The City of Montclair makes reasonable accommodations for those who have a disability. Individuals with disabilities requesting accommodation in order to participate in the selection process must inform the Personnel Office in writing no later than the final filing date. Those applicants requesting such accommodations should document this request including the type and extent of accommodations needed to participate in the selection process and/or perform the duties of the job for which they applied.

How you complete your application is very important to your success in the recruitment and selection process.

Before submitting your application, it is suggested that you:

  • Check to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications;

  • Answer all questions completely;

  • Sign the application with your legal name not a nickname;

  • Spell out all company names and street addresses;

  • Give your complete address - including apartment numbers and zip code;

  • Provide all employment dates, hours worked, and any reason(s) for leaving previous employment, for each job you have listed. Be sure to spell out name of previous supervisor(s) and include phone number(s).

Selection Process

Employment with the City of Montclair is based on merit and ability to do the job as determined by a competitive process.

Admission to the examination process may be limited to the most qualified candidates from among those applicants who meet the minimum requirements (education, experience, abilities, and skills). The selection process is designed to measure an applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, and may consist of any combination of the following: application screening, written test, performance test, practical exam, technical expertise, portfolio review, and/or an oral board interview.

Successful candidates are placed on an Eligibility List which is typically valid for six months. As openings occur, the top candidates on the list will be invited by the hiring department to a personal interview.

If you have any questions regarding the selection process, please contact the Personnel Office at (909) 625-9407.

Employment Rules

Only U.S. citizens and lawfully-authorized alien workers are considered for employment. A standard loyalty oath must be taken by each new employee. Prior to an offer of employment being made, the top candidate(s) must provide for review a valid social security card, must pass a background investigation, and a pre-employment physical, including a drug screening, at City expense. A minimum one-year probationary period is required before gaining regular status (may be longer for certain positions, or extended based on attendance and performance).

Salary Practices

Classifications are assigned to a pay range comprised of five individual steps, with a five-percent differential between each step. A step increase is possible after six-months, or one year for Police Officers and Firefighters, depending on performance. Yearly increases, based on merit, are possible until the maximum is reached. Position classifications and salaries are evaluated periodically.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Pursuant to Section 51.55 of the Office of Revenue Sharing regulations, implementing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, notification is hereby given that the City of Montclair does not discriminate on the basis of handicapped status in the admission of, access to, or treatment of employment in its programs or activities.

Important Information for Applying for City Positions

The City does not maintain applications or resumes for positions which are not open for recruitment.

To apply for a position with the City of Montclair, please complete an official City application (and supplemental questionnaire, if applicable) for each position for which you are applying. Resumes may be submitted with employment applications; however, resumes do not take the place of a City application form.

  • Submit applications online.
  • Include any required supplements and other attachments with the application. Each job posting outlines the required attachments.
  • Applications must be received by the Personnel Office before the closing date/time shown on the job posting.
  • Review any other information about the hiring process including any required tests that may need to be scheduled by the applicant with outside testing centers.
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