Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Learn about the 2019 novel coronavirus and find out how to protect yourself, what to do if you’re sick, particularly after you travel and how to recognize possible symptoms.  This web page will be updated at least weekly with the latest information regarding the COVID-19.

What to do if you think you are sick or may have had contact with a person with COVID-10, or recently traveled to countries with apparent community spread of COVID-19:  Contact the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health 800.782.4264 | TDD 909.387.4859 or your doctor (health care provider) first before seeking medical care so that appropriate cautions can be taken.

Status of cases in Montclair

This web page will be updated with the most up-to-date information on the status of cases in Montclair as that information is available.

The symptoms of the 2019 novel coronavirus, which can include fever and cough, are similar to other respiratory infections, including influenza.  As a result, individuals who may simply have the flu should ask to be tested out of an abundance of caution.  However, please keep in mind that presently the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is struggling to make testing kits available to health officials across the nation.  Nonetheless, ask your doctor or other health official to refer you to a private lab or other source for testing.

The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more serious respiratory infections like bronchitis, pneumonia or severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Coronaviruses are spread mainly from person to person through close contact, for example, in a household, workplace or health care center.

Some human coronaviruses spread easily between people, while others do not.

Your risk of severe disease may be higher if you have a weakened immune system. This may be the case for:

  • People 60-years of age and older
  • people with chronic disease (for example, diabetes, cancer, heart, renal or chronic lung disease)

The 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) causes a respiratory infection that originated in Wuhan, China.

The first presumptive case of this infection in the United States was identified in January 2020.

Current affected areas

For current advisories on affected areas and the number of affected cases and reported deaths worldwide, go to the following World Health Organization (WHO) site map.

Travelers returning from affected areas and traveler information

Travelers who have returned from any of the "current affected areas" are advised to immediately contact the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health 800.782.4264 | TDD 909.387.4859 or your doctor, local health clinic or urgent care center if you suspect you have, or are experiencing symptoms of, the 2019 novel coronavirus.

If you have or suspect you have the novel coronavirus, you should self-isolate and:

  • contact the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health 800.782.4264 | TDD 909.387.4859 or your doctor, local health clinic or urgent care center within 24 hours of your return to Montclair.
  • stay at home and avoid close contact with others, including those in your home, for a total of 14 days from the date you returned from travel

Learn about travel advisories related to the 2019 novel coronavirus by going to the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories-Bureau of Consular Affairs web page

Laboratory testing

In efforts to provide more testing opportunities for San Bernardino County residents, community testing events are being held throughout the county. At these testing events, samples are collected by inserting a swab up the nostril or into the mouth to the throat. These samples are then sent to a laboratory for COVID-19 testing. Events are free of charge and do not require health insurance.


Additional events and event details will be announced as they are confirmed. Please remember, if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, you can still call your doctor and they can determine if you need testing.

How Montclair is preparing

Montclair is working with its partners in the health care system to ensure Montclair residents have access to a robust plan to monitor for, detect and, if needed, isolate any cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus.  The CDC is taking steps to ensure the health and safety of U.S. citizens. These steps include the following:

  • monitor hospitals for potential cases of the COVID-19 virus
  • work with the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health to ensure services are available to Montclair residents who may have contracted COVID-19, and ensure access to regional health care services provided through Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
  • ensure that Montclair's emergency service providers, including police, fire, and emergency medical paramedics have the capacity to respond to calls for service and direct patients with COVID-19 to the proper medical health agencies
  • provide specialized training to public safety personnel to ensure proper response to COVID-19 related service calls
  • work with federal, state and local health agencies to ensure Montclair residents have access to COVID-19 test kits when available
    • the CDC is currently covering the costs for testing, and many health insurance companies are waiving copay associated with taking the test; however, the public should recognize that if they go to emergency rooms to get diagnostic testing, they are likely to suffer significant costs
    • the focus is currently on sending test kits to hospitals requesting them, with priority to areas hit hard by the virus
    • the goal is to make test kits available to the public at pharmacies
    • patients should check with their doctor to see if testing is available in the clinic or hospital format
    • test kits have been corrected to improve accuracy
  • if you are experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, trouble breathing, and a fever you should check with a doctor to see if a test is warranted
  • train personnel at the Montclair Medical Clinic to recognize symptoms related to COVID-19
  • work with federal, state and county partners to properly plan and train for responses to any emergency or outbreak related to COVID-19
  • regularly meet with hospitals, City paramedics and local public health centers to obtain the latest information related to the COVID-19 virus
  • regularly meet with the Ontario-Montclair Schools District (OMSD) and Chaffey Joint Union High School District (Montclair High School) officials to ensure the health and safety of the community's youth, and to discuss any need or requirement to close schools or classes
    • the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, in cooperation with the State Department of Public Health, has released the following guidelines to school districts:
      • large gatherings that include 250 people or more should be postponed or canceled. This includes gatherings such as concerts, conferences, and professional, college, and school sporting events
      • Smaller gatherings held in venues that do not allow social distancing of six feet per person should be postponed or canceled. This includes gatherings in crowded auditoriums, rooms or other venues
      • Gatherings of individuals who are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 should be limited to no more than 10 people, including gatherings such as those at retirement facilities, assisted living facilities, developmental homes, and support groups for people with health conditions
      • a “gathering” is any event or convening that brings together people in a single room or single space at the same time, such as an auditorium, stadium, arena, large conference room, meeting hall, cafeteria, or any other indoor or outdoor space
      • all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for all OMSD schools are cancelled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, including the cancelling of upcoming activities/events such as:
        • After school sports and activities
        • District-wide academic and athletic competitions
        • Recognition/Awards Events at the site and district level
        • Open House at all school sites
        • Elementary Parent Conferences
        • Scheduled Field Trips
        • Saturday School
        • In District and out of District field trips
  • meet with businesses, such as Costco and Montclair Place, to determine means to prevent or curb panic shopping
  • consider cancelling large public gatherings
  • under Executive Order from Governor Newsom, Policy Directive of the State Department of Public Health, and order of the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, and until further notice, the following Montclair events are presently cancelled for 2020:
    • summer Country Fair Jamboree
    • annual Health Fair
    • annual Easter Eggstravaganza
    • annual Lights on After School event
    • monthly senior citizen lunch party
    • annual Community Prayer Luncheon
    • annual Memorial Day event
    • other city sponsored events and activities as determined necessary
  • suspend senior center activities at the Senior Center
  • transition the Senior Nutrition Meal Program to a lunch box pickup service effective March 16, 2020
  • close City-operated gyms at the Human Services Building and Police Building effective immediately
  • suspend City-sponsored body contact sports and other events effective immediately
  • suspend rental of City facilities for large events and small events where social distancing can not be maintained
  • implement restrictions on employee travel to conferences and seminars
  • prepare for implementation of telecommuting protocols for City employees
  • disinfect all U.S. coinage and paper money processed by the City
  • update the City of Montclair COVID-19 Web page on a regular basis to keep the public informed about the COVID-19 virus and reduce panic
  • train City-personnel on how to deal with citizen concerns related to the COVID-19 virus

Symptoms and treatment

Symptoms range from mild – like the flu and other common respiratory infections – to severe, and can include:

Complications from the 2019 novel coronavirus can include serious conditions, like pneumonia or kidney failure, and in some cases, death.

There are no specific treatments for coronaviruses, and there is no vaccine that protects against coronaviruses.  Most people with common human coronavirus illnesses will recover on their own.

You should:

  • drink plenty of fluids
  • get rest and sleep as much as possible
  • try a humidifier or a hot shower to help with a sore throat or cough

If you need immediate medical attention you should call 911 and mention your travel history and symptoms.  If you recently traveled to countries with apparent community spread of COVID-19:  Contact the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health 800.782.4264 | TDD 909.387.4859 or your doctor (health care provider) first before seeking medical care so that appropriate cautions can be taken.

How to protect yourself

Coronaviruses are spread mainly from person to person through close contact, for example, in a household, workplace or health care center.

There is no vaccine available to protect against the 2019 novel coronavirus.

There are everyday actions that can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses.  Take these everyday steps to reduce exposure to the virus and protect your health:

If you are travelling to an area known to have cases of coronavirus, be sure to avoid:

  • high-risk areas such as farms, live animal markets and areas where animals may be slaughtered
  • contact with animals (alive or dead), including pigs, chickens, ducks and wild birds
  • surfaces with animal droppings or secretions on them

Frequently asked Questions

The CDC has prepared responses to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the novel coronavirus.

Information on the 2019 novel coronavirus for health care professionals

If you are a health care professional, learn how to protect yourself and your patients by reading CDC Health Care Professional Guidance Documents.

Resources for the 2019 novel Coronavirus

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