Grocery Industry Response to COVID-19

California Grocers Association Urges Restraint When Grocery Shopping

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. March 20, 2020 — The California Grocers Association is asking Californians not to engage in overbuying when grocery shopping due to the tremendous strain it places on the grocery supply chain.

We want to assure customers that the supply chain is healthy and there is enough for all. But with the increased demand, the grocery stores need a chance to catch up to restock the shelves.

We encourage consumers to remain calm and exercise sensibility when shopping. Overbuying is a concern as a customer who buys more than they need could prevent another customer’s preparation.

COVID-19 has caused demand to surge for a number of grocery items. The demand for some products has made it a challenge to distribute goods and restock shelves as quickly as consumers are purchasing them. In response, California’s grocery industry is working double time to meet the needs of consumers, with many grocery stores restocking items multiple times each day.

We express appreciation to the thousands of dedicated grocery employees that continue to go to work every day, despite the many challenges created by COVID-19. Grocery employees and their families are another important consideration, and we understand they will need additional flexibility to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Because of wildfires, earthquakes, and other incidents, stores already have contingency plans in place to deal with reduced employee numbers in case of disasters. Regardless of the number of employees available, grocers will continue to serve their local communities.

As the situation progresses, grocers continue to monitor product availability up and down the supply chain. Rest assured, the supply chain in healthy and there is enough product for all.

During these uncertain times, it’s important our communities remember we are in this together— customer and employee safety is paramount to ensuring Californians can access the products they need.

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