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State of California Business Resources

Secretary of State (SOS)

Business Programs Division

General / Limited Partnerships / Miscellaneous filings / Trademarks and Services Marks

The Business Programs Division of the Secretary of State’s Office
authenticates Californian business entities, enables secured creditors in order to protect their financial interests, and processes millions of business filings and information request each year. The website has the latest notices, alerts, forms, samples, fees, and processing times available.

SOS Business Web Portal

The California Business Portal website was created by the partnership of the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development and the State’s Information Technology Leadership Academy in an effort to help upcoming business entrepreneurs succeed. The website has business assistance, different incentives, registration, and permits.

of Industrial Relations

About the Department of Industrial Relations

With the mission of improving working conditions, the Department of Industrial Relations strives to make advances in all areas including workers’ compensation and its battle with the underground economy. It provides information on various labor laws including information regarding overtime hours, minimum wage, workplace permits, paid sick leave, and other workplace related issues.

Labor Standards Enforcement

The State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations provides information regarding Labor Code statutes of all kinds and Industrial Welfare Commission orders to keep people up to date. There are a various number of filing claims and reports along with several licensing and registration forms.

Workplace Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA)

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health protects workers from health and safety hazards on the job in almost every workplace in California. This website informs employers and workers of what rights workers are entitled to and also of any permits and programs necessary for employers to implement to make sure that those standards are met.

Workers’ Compensation

The Division of Worker’s Compensation monitors the administration of workers’ compensation claims, and provides administrative and judicial services to assist in resolving disputes that arise in connection with claims for workers’ compensation benefits. This site contains information for injured workers, employers, claim administrators, attorneys, self-insured employers, and medical providers of which they should be aware.

Statistics and Research

The Office of Policy, Research, and Legislation’s site has various
policies, research, statistics, and legislation available in order to
evaluate and insure the effectiveness and efficiency of programs
implemented by the Governor’s Office in the state of California all of which is available to view.

of Finance

Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development’s site has up to date information available for businesses that want to stay or grow in California. It provides information regarding tax agreements that will be negotiated and approved using various sub-links on this site. There is also information from the committee’s meeting at hand along with documents of California’s Tax Credit Fiscal Year and various tax regulation guides.

State Infrastructure Bank

The Infrastructure State Revolving Fund Program provides financing to public agencies and non-profit organization for economic development projects with amounts ranging from $50,000 to $25,000,000 with loans up to 30 years. This site states the prerequisites and guidelines to be an eligible applicant to be funded for a project, among which are drainage, public transit, defense conversion, and power and communications facilities.

Employment Development Department

Employment Development Department

The State of California’s Employment Development Department’s website allows people to efficiently find a job, file and manage a claim, and find different EDD sources, and employer services.

Labor Market Info

The Labor Market Information Division is the official source for California Labor Market Information by providing information to help people understand California’s economy. Information on which jobs are in demand, what do jobs pay, and the number of workers that are unemployed, EDD will help you with your business questions by helping make smart decisions for your business.

Board of Equalization

State Board of Equalization

The California State Board of Equalization ensures that taxes are equally administered throughout the state. It provides services to make payments, file returns, and to receive forms for permits and licenses. Any questions about their programs or resources or about taxpayers’ rights can be answered by making contact through this site.

Franchise Tax Board

Franchise Tax Board

The State of California Franchise Tax Board helps individuals, businesses, and professionals file and pay for taxes in an easy and efficient manner. If there are any questions regarding the process this website is sure to answer them in their home page and for any more specific questions there is contact information available.

Small Business Resources

General Resources

U.S. Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration has a list of tools available to help people run their own business. It counsels how to start up and market a beginning business, how to develop a business plan, how to handle finances, how to apply for government contracts, and much more.

Small Business Administration, Santa Ana District Office

The Santa Ana District Office provides people with resources to help start or grow a business in an area. The website has resources varying from news highlights, borrowing money, tax implications, economic indicators, and other financing information.

Inland Empire Small Business Development Center

The Inland Empire Small Business Development Center website specializes in services in start-up assistance, business structure and planning, marketing, and financial flow management. The site also has information on more workshops and educational training and more consulting in financing, marketing, and strategic planning for up and coming businesses.

SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives)

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. It’s supported by the U.S. Small business Administration. The website has free business tools, templates, tips, local business workshops, webinars, and free confidential business counseling.

Inland Empire SCORE

Inland Empire SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration that provides a full range of business counseling services as well as array of in-person and online workshops covering a wide range of topics including tools to assist entrepreneurs in navigating their way to small business success. Through the site individuals can sign up for counseling in a location in their local are or for an online workshop.

The Inland Empire Women’s Business Center

The Inland Empire Women’s Business Center helps start ups and growing businesses with their interactive workshops ranging from introductory to advanced subjects. The website provides individuals with contact information, allows one to make a counseling appointment, and gives information for upcoming workshops and sessions to sign up for.

Small Business Finance

CDC helps small businesses expand and create jobs by offering an array of loan programs. They provide an estimate of the type of loan you may receive, define the qualification criteria, and assist with pre-qualification to loan closing.

MicroEnterprise Collaborative of Inland Southern California

In collaboration with AmPac Tri-State CDC, MicroEnterprise Collaborative of Inland Southern California (MECISC) provides small businesses with small loans to create new and better jobs that provide good wage, benefits, a stable schedule, safe working environment, and other qualities.  The Collaborative also helps small business owners find resources and access to capital they need by endorsing public policy that supports Micro-Business funding.

AmPac Tri-State CDC

AmPac is a certified lender of the Small Business Administration. The SBA Certified Development Company provides up to 90% SBA 504 financing to refinance conventional for equipment and real estate.   A qualified business may pull out up to 75% cash.

Small Business Banker, Bank of America

Bank of America provides people with the opportunity to open a small business checking account that will reward businesses by simplifying the process while giving these business owners the ability to improve their credit score and grow their business.

Training Resources

Small Business Administration, Santa Ana District Office Training Calendar

The U.S. Small Business Administration has a calendar available containing training workshops in a radius up to 200 miles at any date. Every event on the calendar has immediate directions and a short summary as to what it pertains.

Inland Empire Small Business Development Center - Business Training Calendar

This site contains the training events calendar of the Inland Empire with the optional search engine allowing one to find the specific training needed immediately. It also provides a direct link to sign up for the training event and all the information regarding the program.

Employment Training Panel (ETP)

ETP is a cooperative business-labor program designed to retrain workers. Companies facing out-of-state or international competition who need to retrain current employees, and companies seeking to hire new workers or train eligible new-hires may apply for ETP training funds. If your firm is planning to retrain current employees, requisite is that you be conducting the training to prevent lay-offs, transforming your company into a high-performance workplace or diversifying your products or services.

Other Business Resources

Federal Resources

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures bank deposits and thrift institutions for at least $250,000 by identifying, monitoring, and addressing risks to the deposit Insurance funds. The site provides services for one’s deposit insurance, consumer protection, industry analysis, regulations, asset sales, and other news and events.e

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has many services including identifying counterfeit threats and monitoring the quality of the cash you use every day.

County Resources

County of San Bernardino Workforce Development

This site created by the County of San Bernardino’s Department of
Workforce Development efficiently allows people to look for work within a city and also provides ample places for employers to post job openings and labor market information.

Inland Empire Resources

 I.E. Inland Empire Economic Partnership

The Inland Empire Economic Partnership is an organization dedicated
to jobs, leadership, and regional advocacy for the Inland Empire. The
organization is focusing on improving the overall quality of life in the
Inland Empire by raising the standard of living, improving education,
transportation, health care and communication in the area or Riverside
and San Bernardino counties. The site itself informs individuals of the
various improvements being made and the multiple divisions working on improving the Inland Empire.

Inland Empire Permit Assistance Center

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development’s website assists individuals in finding the permit information necessary for specific types of businesses using a simple sub search engine that will take you directly to contact information for the various agencies that issue the permits the business deems necessary.

Miscellaneous Resources

Business Insurance

Business Insurance provides information on different ways to make
your business or brand stand out within its industry. It also explains
the necessity of various kinds of insurance in the case of unforeseen
challenges of the future.

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