3-5-10 Mile Trade Area Radius Demographics

Montclair Place Food Court Busy

Montclair has long been a popular retail destination with its well-established regional mall, surrounding retail, and dining establishments. Its dynamic demographics have contributed to a desirable retail environment for prominent retailers due to the purchasing power and disposable incomes of households within this densely-populated trade area. Montclair’s 10-mile trade area population of nearly 1 million is composed of a diverse, youthful population with one of the most densely populated areas in the region.

Detailed Demographic Reports

The City of Montclair staff is ready to assist you or refer you to appropriate agencies to take the necessary steps to start your company, relocate, and/or expand your business by providing you with a comprehensive listing of the latest demographic reports by ESRI.  The ESRI demographic reports serve as useful tools to help analyze and review population, income, sales, ethnicity, and much more within Montclair’s dynamic trade area (centered at 5060 Montclair Plaza Lane, Montclair, CA 91763).

ESRI 2023 Demographic Reports reflecting a 3-mile, 5-mile, and 10-mile Trade-Area

2023 American Community Survey (ACS) Population Summary

2023 Community Profile

2023 Disposable Income Profile

2023 Executive Summary

2023 Health and Beauty Market Potential

2023 Household Income Profile

2023 Net Worth Profile

2023 Retail Market Potential

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