Proposed Mall Renovation & Expansion Plans

Major Renovation for Montclair Place (Formerly Montclair Plaza) Coming Soon

CIM Group has proposed a site plan and elevations for a major expansion and enhancement of the 47-year-old Montclair Plaza mall. The proposed plans will involve four shopping districts: Lifestyle Park; The Avenue; Town Square; and Fashion Park. The four new outdoor-oriented shopping districts include a new multiplex Cinema, a Lifestyle Park surrounded by the shopping districts that would accommodate outdoor events such as live music, performances, movie screenings, and farmers markets. Four (4) new multi-level parking structures would add approximately 736 new parking spaces. At the completion of the project, of almost 209,000 SF of new retail, entertainment, and restaurant space.

Montclair Place 2017 Update

Planning Commission approved CIM Group’s Precise Plan of Design and Conditional Use Permit applications for the construction of a 144,354 sq. ft. new building to accommodate a 12-screen theater, an 18-lane bowling alley, and 3 new restaurants at Montclair Place.  The uniquely designed building will be constructed following the demolition of the vacant Broadway building, given that it will be built in its general footprint.  The Planning Commission also approved remodel plans for the JCPenney building and a remodel of the exterior façade of the former food court located on the north side of the mall.

The theater is expected to include at least one IMAX Theater and will also include a full bar with a lounge.  The bowling alley will include a private area with four bowling lanes, a full bar, lounge, and food service available for the hosting of private parties.  The full-service, sit-down restaurants will be located on the lower floor of the new building and will all have outdoor patio dining and full bar service. The return of a movie theater to the mall area has been an important goal for the City and an instrumental use for revitalizing the mall.  With a growing residential base within the immediate area, recreational uses such as a theater and bowling alley are popular and highly desired activities.

The architectural style of the new building will incorporate design elements and materials utilized in the current exterior remodel to the mall’s north façade and pedestrian bridges.  The new theater building design is unique in style, and with the use of the proposed materials, will create a distinctive and attractive building that will set the stage for the rebranding of Montclair Place.

Oli’s Tacos of Ontario is the winner of Montclair Place’s inaugural Search for the Next Great Pop-Up competition.  The mother-and-daughter-run Mexican food pop-up wins a free location in Montclair Place’s newly renovated Moreno St. Market Food Hall, as well as $5,000 in prize money.  The pop-up is scheduled to open Friday, July 7 and will run through Thursday, August 31. Oli’s Tacos will dish up its handcrafted Mexican cuisine alongside brands Panda Express, Pokeway, Stick House, Noodle World, Boba World, and the Crazy Crab.

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