Fire Department Fee Schedule

Listed below is the current fee schedule for the Montclair Fire Department.

Emergency Medical Services Fees

Nonresident Basic Life Support (BLS) Services $299 per call

Nonresident Advanced Life Support (ALS) Services $387 per call

Resident Basic Life Support (BLS) Services $0 per call

Resident Advanced Life Support (ALS) Services $100 per call

EMS and Paramedic Subscription Program Fees

Montclair Resident $24 per year

Montclair Business (15 or less employees) $50 per year

Montclair Business (16 or more employees) $100 per year

Classroom Rental Fee

$30.00 per hour for Montclair Residents

$60.00 per hour for Nonresidents or Non-Montclair Community Benefit Group

$15.00 per hour for Montclair Community Group/Fundraising Activity (Nonprofits)

Incident Reports Fee

$1 per report (includes tax)

Subpoena for Appearance Fees

Deposit of $275 per day that a firefighter or specified City employee is required to remain in attendance pursuant to the subpoena.  If the actual expenses should later prove to be less than the amount tendered, the excess of the amount tendered shall be refunded.  If the actual expenses should later prove to be more than the amount deposited, the difference shall be paid to the City by the party at whose request the subpoena is issued.

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