Political Signs

The City of Montclair regulates the posting of all types of signs throughout the community. Political signs associated with elections must comply with the following guidelines in accordance with MMC 11.72.380:

  • May not be displayed until 60 days before Election Day.
  • Cannot exceed 8 square feet in total area (signs may be double-sided).
  • Should not be placed on any public property or in the public right-of-way.
  • Cannot be placed or affixed to a tree, fence, post, utility pole, equipment, or any other structure by any means.
  • May not be posted or placed on properties without the owner's permission.
  • For vacant lots: Must have affixed to the back of the sign a copy of a declaration of the property owner's permission of sign placement that includes the name, address, phone number, and signature of the property owner.
  • Must be removed by the 10th day following Election Day.

All participants in an election who will be manufacturing, distributing, and posting signs should comply with these guidelines and submit the Political Sign Guidelines and Acknowledgment form before any signs are posted in the community so that their contact information is on file with the City.  Any signs posted out of compliance with the above guidelines will be removed by Code Enforcement and destroyed immediately if the campaign does not have an acknowledgement filed with the City Clerk.

Political Sign Guidelines Acknowledgment Form

Please submit a new form for each election, prior to any campaign signs being posted.

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