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Submit a Records Request

Public Records Request Form

Pursuant to the California Public Records Act (GC §6250–6276.48), any person may request a copy of an IDENTIFIABLE public record. Upon request, a copy shall be provided as soon as possible unless impracticable to do so. Be specific in your description of records sought. We will make every effort to respond to your request within ten days, the time period allowed by law to make a determination. The City may initiate a response extension of up to 14 days (GC §6253(c)). Response may consist of an estimated date of completion. The City is not required to create a new record or reformat the information contained in existing records.

Requester shall be responsible for any duplication, digital storage media, and postage costs. The fee for black and white letter–size copies is 10 cents per printed side; other printing fees can be found in the current Master User Fee Schedule, which can be downloaded here.

Please complete the following information to assist us in locating the records being requested.

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