About Montclair Police Department

Montclair Police Department is a municipal law enforcement agency responsible for the delivery of a full range of law enforcement services. The Police Department was first established in 1956 with a sworn force of 6 Officers, operating out of a 17' x 8' office. Our service area has grown from 4.2 square miles, serving a community of 8,008 residents, to what is now a 5.5 square-mile community of roughly 37,000 residents. The Department has evolved into a community-oriented organization employing 57 sworn Officers today.

Aside from Uniform Patrol, the Department offers specialized assignments such as Detective Bureau, Narcotics Investigations Task Force, Motor Officer Program, Technical Services, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Plaza Patrol, School Resource Officer, and Safe School Zone Officer. In addition to our sworn force, the Department employs 50 full- and part-time civilian support personnel, including up to 15 Reserve Officers and a Chaplain. We are currently recruiting additional volunteers for our Reserve Officer Programs.

Our organizational structure, led by the Chief of Police, is comprised of three divisions: Administrative, Support Services, and Field Services. Our Administrative Division provides support, general management, and direction in all Department operations, from Planning and Personnel Administration to Community Relations. The Support Services Division is divided into specialized units such as Investigations, Evidence, Technical Services, Records, and Volunteer Services. The Field Services Division is responsible for Patrol Operations, including Narcotics Enforcement, Uniform Patrol, Plaza Patrol, Traffic Enforcement, Field Training Program, Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), and School Resource Officers. This division also includes Communications (Dispatch).

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