Police Department Programs

School Resource Officer

The Montclair Police Department works in conjunction with Chaffey Joint Union High School District and Ontario-Montclair School District to provide specialized law enforcement services on and around Montclair High School and local elementary and middle school campuses. These Officers strive to ensure a safe learning environment; provide valuable resources to school staff, teachers, and youth to prevent and solve problems within the school and community; and foster positive relationships between youth, school administration, and Police Officers. To the extent possible, the Officers maintain a physical presence on campus during regularly scheduled school days and hours.

Through random patrol and their on-campus presence, the School Safe Zone and School Resource Officers strive to:

  • Maintain a crime-free zone on and around each school campus.
  • Provide a consistent and timely response to calls for assistance from the school or concerning students.
  • Provide a consistent liaison for the school administration on law enforcement matters.
  • Provide resources and materials necessary for classroom presentations on law enforcement matters to create a better understanding between students and law enforcement.
  • Maintain a physical presence on campus during regularly scheduled school hours.
  • Facilitate conflict mediation for school administrators and students.

While on campus, the role of the officers is to:

  • Act as a positive role model for students.
  • Facilitate a positive and interactive student/law enforcement relationship.
  • Maintain a proactive stance toward crime prevention and order maintenance.
  • Act as first responder to criminal conduct or order maintenance issues occurring on or about the school campuses.
  • Within the confines of the law, act as information resource for school administrators on matters of mutual concern.

Volunteer Programs


The objective of the Montclair Police Department's Chaplain Program is to:

  • Provide a professional religious/social ministry to the citizens of Montclair, the personnel of the Montclair Police Department and their families during times of stress and/or emergency situations.
  • Provide a program to improve Police service and understanding between the Police Department and the community while creating a partnership with the Montclair Clergy.

The Chaplain Program is not intended to be used as a forum for recruitment to a new faith and is not meant to replace an individual's own clergy or other current form of independent counseling program. The program became fully functional in January 1997 and has allocation for three positions, all of which are currently filled.

Membership Requirements

A candidate for inclusion in the Montclair Police Department Chaplain Program shall meet the following criteria:

  • Be an ecclesiastical certified person in good standing and endorsed for the law enforcement chaplaincy by a recognized religious body.

  • Be active in the ministry within close proximity to the boundaries of the City of Montclair.
  • Exhibit and maintain high spiritual and moral standards as an example to the members of the Department and community.

  • Pass a complete background investigation with no convictions of any felony or misdemeanors involving moral turpitude.

  • Possess a valid California driver's license.
  • Complete a Level III (P.C. 832) Reserve Police Officer Academy course within the first year of participation in the program.
Duties of a Chaplain
  • Ride-a-long with officers in patrol.
  • Assist in Notifications to family members of victims of serious traffic accidents or death.
  • Give counsel, comfort, and encouragement to persons involved in life changing situations such as: attempted suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug related problems, etc.

  • Be available for "On-Call" situations and respond to natural disasters.
  • Provide a minimum of 18 hours a month of rides, counseling, or call-outs. Additional hours are always encouraged and appreciated.

The Montclair Police Department provides all uniforms and basic equipment

For further information contact the Montclair Police Department at (909) 448-3600.

Reserve Police Officers

Reserve Police Officer (Level I and II)

The Montclair Police Department has an active Reserve organization, with a long history of service to the community. The Montclair Police Reserves are made up of people from all walks of life. Most Reserves have satisfying civilian positions and simply wish to do police work as a way of serving their community. A Reserve candidate may or may not be interested in becoming a full-time police officer.

The Montclair Reserve Police Officer position is a voluntary, part-time assignment, assisting police officers in a full range of responsibilities (depending on level of training and experience). Reserve Police Officers may work special "plain clothes" assignments, "paid duty" details, dispatch, or clerical duties and are required to work a minimum of 25 hours per month, including a monthly 4-hour training meeting. Reserve Police Officers receive a monthly salary of $300. Uniforms and equipment are supplied.

Minimum Qualifications


High school graduation or possession of a G.E.D. College-level course work is highly desirable.

Age and Citizenship:

Applicant must be 18 years of age at time of appointment. United States citizenship is required.

Driver's License and Social Security Card:

A valid California driver's license and social security card must be shown at time of appointment.


Applicant record must be free from conviction of any felony, misdemeanor or conviction involving moral turpitude, and from excessive traffic citations. The background history should indicate responsibility, dependability, honest, integrity, acceptable communication skills, good judgment, and human relations skills.

Required Functions of a Reserve Police Officer

The function of a Reserve Police Officer is considered no different than a regularly paid, full-time sworn police officer. A Reserve Police Officer must be able to perform the essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation, which includes, but is not limited to: Ability to read and understand English language documents; hand write legible, accurate, and grammatically correct reports; communicate effectively orally, in writing, and when using a police radio; drive a vehicle safely under various conditions, including emergencies; ability to physically control combative suspects with the minimum and reasonable use of force as prescribed by law; operate a variety of firearms and weapons in a safe and proficient manner; exercise good judgment in dealing with routine and unusual situations; learn and comprehend factual information, policies, procedures, and rules, and use good judgment and discretion in applying this information to changing conditions in similar and varied situations; maintain composure and judgment during emergency or tense situations; administer first-aid and/or cardiopulmonary resuscitation to injured or ill persons; confront problems and enforce laws professionally; examine and control crime scenes of all types, including homicides; provide effective traffic control and management of traffic accident scenes; act courteously toward others; take directions from supervisors and regular sworn officers; maintain good working relationships with other members of the Department and City; accept criticism and apply it to one's performance; attend required updated training; be dependable in meeting scheduled assignments on time and provide dependable service to the community; perform related duties as required.

Selection Process

  1. After complete evaluation of the applications, candidates deemed most qualified will be invited to the next phase of the selection process.

  2. Successful candidates will then be invited to participate in a physical agility examination.

  3. Candidates meeting the above requirements will then be invited to appear for a structured oral interview.

  4. Successful candidates will then be required to pass a thorough background investigation, which includes a psychological examination, medical examination, drug screening, and a polygraph evaluation, prior to being employed.

  5. Names of successful candidates will be placed on an eligibility list from which selections will be made.

  6. Reserve Police Officers will be required to complete all three levels of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Reserve Officer Course.

Applications are available from the Personnel Office, 5111 Benito Street, Montclair, CA 91763 (909) 626-8571. Applications are accepted on a continual basis.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is an organized group of neighbors that closely observes activities or situations that affect the appearance or safety of their community. They are the eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies and their neighbors. Their goal is to create an environment where people care about each other, their property, their safety, and their community. Members of a Neighborhood Watch group can improve the quality of life in their community. They can reduce the occurrence of and deter crimes by looking out for each other and reporting any suspicious activity to the police department.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

Know the neighbors on all sides of you.

Learn what vehicles belong to your neighbors.

Secure Your Home

Secure your home when you leave, even for short periods of time.

Keep your garage closed. Open garages allow burglars to simply walk into your garage, remove what they want, and leave within minutes.

Things That May Indicate a Crime

  • Someone screaming.
  • The sound of breaking glass.
  • Unusual noises.
  • A child resisting the advances of an adult.
  • A stranger approaching or talking to a child.
  • Someone looking into windows or parked cars.
  • Someone walking or running while carrying property at an unusual time.
  • A stranger entering a neighbor's house that appears to be unoccupied.
  • Someone who is aimlessly wandering about the neighborhood.
  • Vehicles moving slowly without an apparent destination or without lights.

Reporting Suspicious Activity or a Crime in Progress

When reporting suspicious activity or a crime in progress, try to remain calm. The police need fast and accurate information. You may be asked for the following information:

  • Your name.
  • A brief description of what, where, when, and how the incident happened.
  • A description of the suspect, including sex, race, age, hair color, height, weight, clothing, and any distinguishing marks or characteristics.
  • A description of the vehicle, including make, model, year, color, license plate, and any distinguishing markings or damage, and the direction it went.

NOTE: The Montclair Police Department does not organize or maintain Neighborhood Watch Programs. However, If you are interested in forming a program or already have one in place, our Officers will gladly speak to your group regarding any areas of concern in your community. Please call the Secretary to the Police Chief at (909) 448-3601 to schedule a speaker request.

For additional information, products, or help in organizing your Neighborhood Watch group, visit the website for the National Crime Prevention Council.

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