Santa and Mrs. Claus Will Be Dashing Through Montclair

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their sleigh will be dashing through the streets of Montclair, spreading holiday cheer.

Please note while Santa wants to visit every street, he needs to reserve his energy for Christmas Eve deliveries. Santa changes his route every year to travel as many Montclair streets as possible.

You can follow Santa and Mrs. Claus on his route live here at

Local Records Checks

California Penal Code Sections 13320 – 13323 allow individuals to request a summary list of their arrests from individual law enforcement agencies. A response summarizing the local arrests, if one exists, will be sent to the subject of the record, upon request, by mail. If no record exists, a response will be sent to the subject of the record indicating that information. An individual may only request his/her own arrest information; requests for summary information about the arrests of other individuals will not be processed.

Required Documentation

The following documentation must be presented at the time the request for local record review is submitted at the Police Department:

  1. Current California driver’s license or identification card; or
    current out-of-state driver’s license or identification card; or
    other valid form of government-issued identification (i.e. passport)
  2. A $25 fee

If applying by mail, all of the following must be submitted with the request for local record review:

  1. Clear and legible photocopy of one of the above-listed forms of identification
  2. The request for local record review must be notarized
  3. $25 fee (check, money order, or cashier’s check.  Do not send cash.


Fingerprints may be required for positive identification.

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