Negative curbside appeal and appearance violations such as lack of required landscaping, overgrown vegetation, inoperative vehicles, trash, junk, and debris throughout residential properties creates the perception that no one cares about the neighborhood, leading to more complex social and economic problems including declining home values; increases in graffiti, vandalism, vagrancy and other types of crime; homeless encampments; friction between neighbors, the presence of gang members; and/or other nuisance conditions that threaten the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

Crime and neighborhood deterioration are intertwined.  In order to effectively combat these twin destructive forces, it is important that residents and community leaders partner together and identify resources and alternatives to address property maintenance issues and the underlying conditions giving rise to blight, crime, and other activities and negligent practices that threaten neighborhood livability.

Addressing landscape maintenance issues is one of the easiest ways to maintain property values and send a positive message to criminal elements that your neighborhood cares.  The City of Montclair has joined forces with a number of agencies and retailers to offer residents alternative landscaping themes that will help you maintain the appearance and value of your property.

The following series of photos provide examples of low-cost landscape alternatives that can assist you with bringing your property into compliance.  The free and low-cost landscape materials depicted in these photos consist of wood chips, mulch, drought tolerant plants, and  a few basic decorative items such as clay pots and/or decorative rock.

In an effort to minimize costs associated with landscape improvements and/or achieving compliance with the City of Montclair’s property maintenance requirements, the City of Montclair has partnered with the following vendors and agencies to provide information, resources, and free or low-cost materials:

  1. Free wood chips delivered directly to your home by contacting one of the following contractors:

Tom Day Tree Service – (909) 214-6773

Green Army – (Contact the Code Enforcement Unit for Scheduling at 909-447-3551)

Steve Day Arborist – Contact the Code Enforcement Unit for Scheduling at 909-447-3551)


  1. Free Mulch available on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., at the following location:


  • Chino Basin Water Conservation DistrictSycamore Park 04 28 144594 San Bernardino StreetMontclair, CA 91763Phone: (909) 626-2711Website:


    • Note:  Limit one truckload per household and residents must bring their own tools and container for loading purposes. See enclosed flyer regarding procedures for preparing your yard for wood chips and/or mulch.


    Other services offered by Chino Water Conservation District:

  • Landscape Modification Alternatives and Advice
  • Irrigation Tips and Home Irrigation Evaluations
  • Information on how to obtain Free Water Saving Sprinklers and Irrigation Controllers
  • Free Admission to the “Demonstration Garden,” which displays and provides information on various drought tolerant plants, shrubs, trees, and cactus
    1. Discounts offered on drought tolerant plants at the following locations (must show proof of City of Montclair’s “Notice to Correct” or “Administrative Citation” to store employee upon purchase).


  • Lowe’s1659 West Foothill BoulevardUpland, CA 91786Contact Person: Blanca Coronel or Doug MoorePhone: (909) 982-4795
  • Holt Nursery

11602 Ramona Avenue

Contact Person: Michael Park

Phone: (909) 625-4577 or (909) 625-1120

Chino, CA 91710

  • Paz Nursery11211 Monte Vista AvenueMontclair, CA 91763Contact Person: PazPhone: (909) 241-7065
  • Mt. Fuji Garden Center


1555 West Foothill Boulevard

Upland, CA 91786

Contact Person: Lindsay Shiba

Phone: (909) 985-2219

  1. Monte Vista Water District (services and resources offered).


10575 Central Avenue

Post Office Box 71

Montclair, CA 91763

Contact Person: Gaby De La Cruz

Phone No: (909) 624-0035, (909) 267-2130


  • Possible Water Budget Variance/Reduced Water Rates (must meet criteria set forth by Monte Vista Water District).
  • Free Evaluation of Outdoor Landscape Irrigation System
  • Free Water Conservation Plan and Recommendations
  • Free Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (with replacement of non-weather based irrigation controller)
  • Rebates on Smart Irrigation Controllers, Water Saving Rotating Spray Nozzles, Toilets, and High Efficiency Clothes Washers.

The City of Montclair thanks you for your cooperation.  Please keep in mind that the City of Montclair’s goal is to assist residents by developing and implementing strategies that not only promote neighborhood reinvestment, but also create a higher standard of living and improve the quality of life throughout our community.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding landscape maintenance issues or the above resource information, please feel free to contact the City of Montclair Code Enforcement Unit at (909) 625-9431, Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

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