Yard Sale Events

No permit and no fee for yard sales for 2023.  There are four designated dates for yard sales this year.  You may only hold a yard sale on the following dates:

2023 dates

February – first full weekend                     February 3, 4, 5

May – first full weekend                              May 5, 6, 7

August – first full weekend                         August 4, 5, 6

November – first full weekend                   November 3, 4, 5

You are allowed no more than two signs, no larger than 2 ft. x 2 ft., displayed at your property, or a neighbor’s property (with their permission); no attaching the signs to any City property (stop sign, traffic signal, in the median, etc.).  Only conduct the yard sale on that Friday, Saturday and Sunday from sunrise until sunset. If you have any further questions, please call (909) 625–9477.

Code Enforcement personnel will be canvassing the city during the event and removing signs posted in violation.  Violators may be subject to citation and fine.

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