North Montclair Downtown Specific Plan

The North Montclair Downtown Specific Plan is a major land-use plan prepared by planning consultants and architects (Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists) in concert with City staff to provide master planning services across approximately 150 acres in North Montclair.

The adopted land use plan creates the framework for new development opportunities for a mixed-use, transit-oriented district between the Montclair Transcenter, which is currently a major stop on Metrolink's San Bernardino line and will eventually be the easterly terminus of the Metro Gold Line light rail, and the Montclair Plaza regional shopping center.

The Plan envisions a walkable, vibrant Town Center that includes multiple uses and activities that take advantage of the major transit amenities. The Plan would implement a transit-oriented, mixed-use development that links land use and transit as mutually supportive through a unified approach to development. Mixed-use development plans are becoming an increasingly important way to energize existing commercial areas such as the underutilized areas of North Montclair by creating quality mixed-density housing and commercial opportunities. The Plan includes a “pedestrian first” mixed-use district, which requires an extensive, connected network of public spaces and smaller streets. This would be achieved through the proper balance of cars and pedestrian linkages that are dependent on a sidewalk network associated with amenities like landscaping, bicycle routes, transit service and public parking.

The Plan also includes a “form-based” code to regulate private development. In contrast to conventional zoning that divides land by uses, the form-based code for North Montclair is organized by geography or place. The Code provides regulations for three unique places: Town Center (mixed-use district near the Montclair Transcenter), Corridor Residential (medium- to high-density housing), and Neighborhood Residential (low- to medium-density housing), with an emphasis on the design of individual buildings directed to form the public realm.

The Specific Plan will follow a market-driven development strategy in four phases:

The Plan's goal is to establish livable neighborhoods based upon the concept of traditional town centers by creating mixed-density housing types (townhouses, condominiums, apartments, live/work lofts, and courtyard housing) above retail and office as demonstrated by the photo simulations below.

To view the North Montclair Downtown Specific Plan adopted on May 15, 2006, please review the below report.  The report is organized by individual Chapters for easier downloading.

Housing Developments Within the NMDSP

The Paseos at Montclair North, a 385-unit upscale apartment development, conducted its grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 15, 2013, representing the first residential project within the North Montclair Downtown Specific Plan. The Paseos features a classic Santa Barbara design incorporating townhouses and courtyard units with open promenades and gardens. The community building/leasing office was completed in Spring 2013, and framing of the residential buildings began in July 2013. The Paseos also includes a public park, recreational areas, two community pools, and significant amenities for residents.

Garth Erdossy, President of GLJ Partners, The Paseos developer, described how his company was impressed with the forward-thinking nature and progressiveness of the Specific Plan, along with the proximity to Montclair's assets, including access to Metrolink and the future Metro Gold Line, nearby freeways, shopping and dining opportunities and institutions of higher education.

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