Property Maintenance

Abandoned and Vacant properties allowed to remain in a state of disrepair sends the signal to the community that no one cares. Dilapidated conditions such as open and vacant structures, broken windows, overgrown vegetation, trash, junk, and debris, polluted pools, and graffiti not only contribute to declining property values but also become an attractive nuisance for vagrants, criminals or immoral persons to visit for the purpose of committing unlawful acts. Chapter 7.02 of the Montclair Municipal Code was enacted to maintain peace and welfare for the community.

In an effort to prevent and/or deter these types of nuisance conditions from occurring in your neighborhood, the City of Montclair adopted Ordinance Nos. 08-906 (Chapter 10.46) and 09-911 (Chapter 7.24), the “Maintenance of Abandoned and Vacant Property Ordinances”.

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