Appeal Process & Guidelines

Montclair to College Scholarship Appeal Process & Guidelines for the 2021-2022 school year. 


  1. Reasons for MTC Scholarship Appeals: Reasons are varied but may include an inability to attend school because of a serious medical condition or a personal situation such as divorce, death or illness in your family. Or you may feel that there was a mistake, for example: you submitted your community service log but did not get credit for it. Reasons that are typically insufficient for an appeal to be granted are that you disagree with the grade a teacher gave you, or you could have attended class or complete community service but chose not to/forgot.
  2. Initial Appeal Submission: Students MUST submit the appeal package online by March 15, 2022. Hard copy appeal packages/documentation will not be accepted.
  3. Initial Appeal Decision: The initial appeal will be reviewed by the City of Montclair Human Services Department and the student will be notified via email approximately within eight weeks of submission.
  4. Secondary Appeal Submission: If initial appeal is denied, a secondary appeal may be submitted. Instructions on the secondary appeal process should be requested by the student.
  5. Secondary Appeal Decision: The secondary appeal will be reviewed by the MTC Scholarship Appeal Committee. The Committee will notify the student of the secondary appeal decision via email typically within four weeks of submission. The decision of the MTC Scholarship Appeals Committee is final.
  6. 21/22 Eligibility: If a student is granted reinstatement into the MTC program, an MTC application deadline will be given to the reinstated student for the 21/22 school year at the time of notification.

 APPEAL PACKAGE DOCUMENTATION GUIDELINES: The following list describes the documentation in the appeal package.

  1. Appeal Form: All sections must be filled out completely. The email of the parent or counselor must be included- the parent or counselor will be emailed by MTC to verify their approval of the appeal submission. Only one approval is required.
  2. MTC Scholarship Requirements: The scholarship requirements must be met to be considered eligible for the MTC scholarship upon graduation from MHS. Students must acknowledge they understand the requirements.
  3. Unofficial Transcripts: Students must upload a copy of their unofficial MHS transcripts to the scholarship appeal. The unofficial transcript will be considered to be correct unless you explain and provide support for why it is not.
  4. Appeal JustificationWhen reviewing the appeal, it is important for the reviewer to have a clear understanding of why the student is appealing. The justification must be typed and must include any specific information to justify the appeal. No hard copies will be accepted.
  5. Supporting Documentation- OPTIONAL:
  • Medical- Must include physician’s letterhead, date, contact information, explanation and signature on 1 page. Do not include any private information such as social security number, medical ID number, etc.
  • Community Service Tracking Logs: Please hold on completing hours until guidance for 2022-2023 is given.
  • Other-The nature of the MTC scholarship appeal determines the documentation. Items students may include are proof of a loss of job, a letter from a teacher or school staff member, obituary, divorce decree, and any other documentation the student believes will support his/her scholarship appeal. The documentation, must be professional and complete. The dates listed must correspond with the dates of the school year being appealed.
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