Youth Sponsorship Fund

The Montclair Community Foundation Scholarship Fund provides funding for low income Montclair Youth to participate in City of Montclair run programs at a discounted cost.

Applying for the Scholarship Fund

Families of youth that live or attend school in Montclair are eligible to apply for the program. Families can apply once a year for one program per child. To apply you must be interviewed by a Human Services Department employee. Those who qualify will be offered a 50% discount on one program. Programs eligible for the scholarship are the City of Montclair’s Youth Basketball League (one season), Summer Day Program (one week of program) and Summer Day Camp (one week of program).

To apply for the program please contact Fernando Saltos at (909) 625-9496 or You must apply and be accepted for discount before you are enrolled in a program (registration spots will not be held).

Donating to the Montclair Community Foundation Scholarship Fund

Want to help support a low income Montclair child participate in basketball or summer camp? For more information on donating to this program contact (909) 625-9496 or

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